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Amazon: Bosch 15 Pc. Impact Tough 2 In. Phillips #2 Power Bits ITPH2215

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Thanks to MATT for the heads up on this AMAZING deal!

Bosch ITPH2215 15 Pc. Impact Tough 2 In. Phillips #2 Power Bits


List price: $14.72
Current price: $12.98 (12% off list price) (Amazon Prime members may get free shipping when purchasing this item. Not a Prime member? CLICK HERE for a 30 day free trial!)


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2 thoughts on “Amazon: Bosch 15 Pc. Impact Tough 2 In. Phillips #2 Power Bits ITPH2215

  1. Michael Ruimerman

    My mechanical knowledge is pretty limited when it comes to driving fasteners such as sheetrock and deck screws… I’m wondering why someone would want 15 of the same #2 phillips bits? I’m guessing they are a consumable. But do they really burn up so quickly that you need 15 on hand? Or is that a little excessive? If they do in fact burn up that quickly it seems like there should be a better way with todays technology. My knowledge is more specialized to the automotive industry. You can get a well built tool and be able to drive that fastener forever. For example a 10mm impact socket could last a lifetime if you take care of your tools…

    1. PJ

      Screwdriver bits are definitely consumable. The cheap generic one are far worse than the more expensive name brands but they all wear out.

      And like 10mm sockets… they often are missing from the tool box, lol.