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Brads Workbench: Less Than $1 DIY Bench Dogs that work in ANY Workbench Material

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30% Off Any Item Under $10

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30% Off Any Item Under $10

About Brad
Brad is a husband and father of 2 beautiful daughters. Having spent his entire life in the trades he has amassed a wide variety of experience with various tools. After a few semesters of college, he decided to take a different path but was not sure what trade would suit him best. He has an extensive background in rough carpentry and electrical. He also spent some time as general maintenance for a golf course where he gained experience in plumbing and water treatment systems. This water treatment experience translated to his next adventure into the oil fields of West Texas, North Dakota, and Pennsylvania where he worked for a company that provided water treatment services for oil companies. In 2015 when oil prices crashed, he was laid off and had to fall back on his electrical experience. He took a job with a major telecommunications company and then later as an industrial electrician at a plastics plant. Recently as oil prices stabilized, he went back to work for the former water treatment company. These experiences combined with his love of DIY, woodworking, welding, and upcycle projects have culminated in a unique background using a diverse array of tools. He can also be found on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook under the name, “Brads Workbench” where he showcases his tool reviews, tool restorations, and build projects. You can also e-mail Brad at