Cease & Desist From Casey Parris (RockstarFlipper)



Subject: Cease & Desist
From: “Casey Parris” <smallbusinessmillions@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, February 13, 2017 1:17 pm
To: pj@struggleville.net
Priority: Normal


This is just a Proactive email informing you that unless BOTH of your
videos (linked below) are removed from youtube by the end of day 2-14-2017
I will be forced to proceed with a Cease & Desist action & follow up legal
action through my attorney K DeChristopher PA in regards to violation of
tortious business acts USA. I have also linked the definition and law code
for that below. Please take this email VERY seriously, as these videos may
fall under fair use for Youtube, HOWEVER that does not protect you from
violation business tort. Please feel free to consult an attorney to
confirm this. I will give you until the end of day tomorrow 2-14-2017 to
remove or edit BOTH videos, otherwise I will have no choice but to move
forward with legal action including but not limited to Cease & Desist,
Lawsuit for Slander, defamation, & or Tortious Business practices.

Your videos have potentially influenced other viewers/subscribers/customers
who would otherwise come to view my channel or want to view my channel to
NOT view it. As you know Youtube provides an income to content creators who
garner significant enough viewership which the Rockstarflipper TM youtube
channel does. Thus your influence of sending potential viewers away is
interfering with the business operation and income of the channel, thus the
definition of tortious business practices.

Both videos and ALL mention of Rockstarflipper TM. AKA: Worldwidesales LLC
must be removed from your youtube channel AND/OR any social media accounts
or internet websites by 11:59pm 2-14-2017


www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5FuEIdd52Y&t=1s. (video #1)

www.youtube.com/watch?v=niW7gznU4WA&t=218s. (video #2)

Casey Parris
World Wide Sales LLC. DBA. Rockstarflipper TM
813-504-8928 (direct)



3 thoughts on “Cease & Desist From Casey Parris (RockstarFlipper)

  1. Johnny Sotrm

    The dude is bluffing. All real legal stuff comes from lawyers, the rest is pure bluff, empty threats, and chest puffing. Call his bluff right back imo, tell him he’s full of bs, to bring it, and keep exposing him stupid antics, you’re just doing criticism which does fall under fair use. Plus, none of it is libel or slander if it is true. All IMO of course.

    1. Wendy

      A real cease and desist would come from a lawyer. This is the advisory that can come from the injured party OR the lawyer. Whether or not a court would agree is another thing. But he has Casey’s own words saying the video benefited him with new subscribers that could be used in defense. Still, you have to have the money to defend yourself, which is how people like Casey and Trump win their fraudulent cases. Their defendants give in for lack of money.

  2. Wendy

    As to the two comments by Casey, they are different comments from different locations, not one that was edited. Despite that, it does show that he alters his responses to his audience.

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