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Deals At Menards Valid Through 12/9!


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This week Menards has brought back their 11% sale. For the duration of this sale you will get an 11% rebate on everything you purchase. This includes sale price and clearance items. Remember if you made any purchases at Menards over the last 2 weeks you can get an 11% price adjustment rebate slip and get an 11% rebate on those items. It is only supposed to work with regularly priced items but I always send in all the receipts I have for that time period and let them sort it out. The 11% price adjustment rebate slips are NOT available on their website. You can get the slip from the customer service desk or once I get my hands on one I will create a separate post with the slip. You can check my latest Menards posts to see if the 11% rebate slip or 11% Price Adjustment slips have been posted yet.




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