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Decluttr: A Great, Hassle-Free Way To Get Rid Of Your Old Stuff ($5 Bonus Code!)

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Decluttr is a company that will buy items from you that they will turn around and sell on sites like eBay and Amazon. The great thing about Decluttr is the simplicity of the process. If you have old DVDs, CDs, books or any number of other products they accept then all you have to do is scan the barcode on your phone and they will tell you how much they will pay for the item. Once you have all your items scanned in you just box them up and Decluttr will provide you with a pre-paid shipping label and you drop the box off at any place that accepts UPS packages.

You have to understand that Decluttr is buying your items so that they can resell them. This means they are not going to give you top dollar, however it beats the hell out of lugging the items around to flea markets or dealing with having a garage sale. I have sent in many shipments to Decluttr and have not had any problems and have been paid promptly. You can have the money direct deposited into your checking account but I prefer the Paypal option.

If you want to give Decluttr a try just sign up with MY REFERRAL LINK and you will get a $5 bonus when you send in your first shipment!

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