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Football Pool Entries

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Good luck everyone!

I will update the spreadsheet below with the winners of each game as they end. I will be contacting the winner on Tuesday morning!

Don’t forget to enter the pool for next week! You can enter it HERE, submissions are accepted on Tuesday and Wednesday each week!

Week 1 Winner – BenjaminGambler! Click Here for the entire WK1 spreadsheet.
Week 2 Winner – ehughes! Click Here for the entire WK2 spreadsheet.

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4 thoughts on “Football Pool Entries

      1. Ty

        Also what I found is that you can buy bronze play Collectibles for roughly 2000 and you can put them in the upgrade pack then you can sell the silver Collectibles for roughly like 15 to 20 thousand depending on what kind of play that it countershould 🙂

        1. pj Post author

          Thanks for the tip! Of course if it works I might have to make a video on it and you just killed your coin making method, lol. But hey I’ll try to give you credit in the video if that happens.