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Get More Youtube Subscribers And Get Monetized!


2018 started out like a punch to the gut for a lot of the smaller video creators out there. This is because Youtube changed the requirements for making money as a video creator on their platform. Initially anyone with an Adsense account would make money on their Youtube videos but now you have to have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time in the last 12 months (For more on these new requirements, CLICK HERE). My hopes for this page is that we can help Youtubers reach these goals, starting with 1,000 subscribers.

Below we are building a list of Youtube channels who have not yet reached 1,000 subscribers. Please take a look at the list and subscribe to as many as you would like. Youtube frowns on Sub4Sub type models so please only subscribe to channels you either A. have a genuine interest in or B. have empathy for a fellow human who is just trying to entertain / educate people and be compensated for their time, efforts and knowledge.

(CLICK HERE to see our Struggleville Legacy Youtube page! It is a list of all the channels that were once on the list below and have reached their 1,000 subscriber goal! These channels have GREAT content and still need additional watch time to get monetized again so be sure to check them out!)

If you have a Youtube channel and would like to be added to the list their are instructions at the bottom of this page.

Youtube channels in need of 1,000 subscribers

  1. Poplar Picker – A reselling channel with live shows, hauls & a little bit of humor.

  2. Manic Mender – Trying to give back to my community by teaching everyone to repair all things vintage, antique, electronic, and mechanical around the home and in life.

  3. Zoe Archer – My channel is all about colouring, hauls, flipthroughs, colour and chats, supplies and more.

  4. Movie Vertigo – A varied selection of astrophotography, aerial photography, science and technology.

  5. Ally Rouge – I’ll be sharing style tips, ethical product reviews and the occasional travel videos.

  6. The Benefield Bunch – Challenges, Epic Road Trips, Vlogs, and lots of other fun things!

  7. BigBrotherFanatics – Big Brother (TV show) fan channel with commentary and video from current/past houseguests.

  8. People of Country Thunder – Check out all the crazy people who attend this country music festival.

  9. Grease Monkey Garage – I am a do it yourselfer I like to work on various automotive projects and have had trouble getting subscribers. Thanks to anyone who subs me and thanks to this site for helping.

  10. DIY Brad – Making quality DIY videos for homeowners so you can tackle some small projects and save money!

  11. M&M Travels Where to Next – RVing Travel Channel.

  12. Orcinus24x5 – A mish-mash of photography and machining related vids.

  13. Chickpicker – Full of Reselling Info, Fun and Life Stories too.

  14. Jim Tara Carey – Casual Auction Haul videos for Ebay with actual price paid and value researched.

  15. BLKCC1 – I am a self admitted constitutionalist and lover of freedom that served in the Navy and likes to make gun videos along with gear, food, and other outdoor type videos.

  16. TheCracraftExperience – Fly Tying and Fly Fishing the Ozarks.

  17. David Cracraft – The Cracraftsman and other Silly Stuff.

  18. VBA and Excel Training – My new channel provides awesome videos to learn about the power of VBA as a built in tool for Microsoft Excel!

  19. Video Dominion – All types of creative videos including Kaleidoscopes, google maps adventures, pets, cabins and handyman videos

  20. Yakinwithsarah – Fishing/kayaking/outdoors family friendly.

  21. Fly fishing ninja – Fly fishing and Tenkara fishing unboxings and how to videos shout outs and Livestreams weekly
    And of course giveaways

  22. Finkelmistcomics Production – A strong focus on all things Art, covering Music, Cartoons, and Film, built by a community of friends, and founded by an inspiring creator, writer, artist, and bright soul.

  23. Princess Casserole – My channel is all about thrifting, heavy on jewelry hauls, jars, and education, Pyrex, vintage clothing, and fun.

  24. Rrebelone0423 – Vlog about our prep for a 2,189 mile Appalachian Trail Thru-hike with a Tiny House on wheels in tow that we (2 women) built ourselves.

  25. Professional Student – My channel has turned into a 2018 Adpocalypse survival guide for small creators and I have a running list of other creators ready to support you too.

  26. Greener Earl – My fight to try to get help after my house burned down do to Tweakers no help for me!

  27. Bitchspot – Skepticism channel, dedicated to fighting irrationality and insanity in the world today.

  28. Xeno Films – Automotive Vlogging, DIY’s and more!

  29. Dirt Diggler – Dirt Bike shenanigans and Hare scramble races in Florida.

  30. thriftylivin – I make reselling videos for eBay, haul videos, and DIY videos.

  31. Raven Eye Forge – Channel that is featuring videos of builds from wood to metal art.

  32. CpCadillac Bagged03 – All about cadillacs mostly devilles i have a bagged 03 and a 01 dts i like to work om cars and the 4.6 northstar is my specialty.

  33. NahumTheMayhem – Hi friends, my channel has travel vlogs and other interesting videos. I am giving away a pair of Sony Headphones in a contest, find the video in my channel and enter.

  34. PritchFam – Im a mum from the UK and our channel consists of travel,lifestyle and things family related.

  35. Alfredo Luciano – I am a jack of all trades master of none lol My videos are about just all-around do it yourself projects that i do around the house and my home away from home my garage thank you for subscribing to my channel.

  36. Mech Uno – I am clearing my land to build a house I’m using a Kubota B2601 and other mods to the tractor.

  37. Joe Z – My Channel is a DIY that started as small engine repair with a recycling theme but quickly included auto repair, repairs around the house, tool review, some gardening & even a few videos on my chickens.

  38. JohnVH Life – LIFE! Everyday things we all use, reviewed, used, videoed.

  39. Maddenandnba modz – Madden and nba live mobile gameplay

  40. Worst Guitar – This channel is dedicated to bringing you the best and the worst history about the electric guitar in short documentaries.

  41. Fast Eddie’s Appliance Repair – I repair just about anything and make things work.

  42. Little Cozy Nook – AudioBooks and Read Alouds for Kids. Fairytales, Fables, Bedtime Stories, and Classics!

  43. Doezey – Hello This Is Doezey! Welcome To My Channel! I just post gaming videos & other things to think.

  44. Mr Tompkins Ed Tech – “How to” videos aimed at students wanting to improve their maths skills, and teaching professionals with an interest in educational technology.

  45. Working Hands Automotive – My channel is about my job and the tools that I used on a daily basis.

  46. hbpicker – I am an Ebay reseller I do haul videos and sold updates.

  47. Wicked Spray – Automotive repair and painting.

  48. Phil and Suzie family adventures – Having a fun time with the family while still doing what you enjoy doing.

  49. DE Nichols – I have a scientific approach to repairing cars and motorcycles, and when I can I modify them for fun.

  50. Sound Empire – A music promotion channel that helps get beat makers noticed.

  51. Charles Current – Videos of motorcycle repair and customization and other projects I do in my shop.

  52. cant kill me – i do a little of everything mostly fixing things and building things so come and have fun

  53. uk7769 – Fix it videos, DIY, how to, comedy, rants, movies, music. Thank you!

  54. Bigfoot Sasquatch Outlaw – This channel is about learning the truth about Bigfoot and trying different research methods on real reports and bringing Bigfoot to people that are interested in the subject.

  55. Sound Empire – A music promotion channel that helps beat makers get noticed. Road to 200 subscribers.

  56. Ray Hayden – Primarily, I am focused on Education, Training and Experience – however it is leaning toward video for YouTube, now.

  57. sciencewithkids – Fun videos about science and places to explore nature.

  58. Ceetherapper – My channel is about ALOT of different things , from funny videos to updates on celebrates!!!!!

  59. Ferintosh Farms Photography – We explore my homestead through DIYS, skits, animal videos, Videogames, generally whatever I feel like.

  60. Crafty Mommy85 – My channel is mainly all about craft tutorials/hauls/reviews with a little bit of mommy life thrown in.

  61. Phat Zero Videos – Gaming Video Site for games ranging from overwatch to random Steam games coming soon wargaming and board games.

  62. Nine’s Catudio – Three outstanding stray cats making the difference in human lives every day!

  63. Urdu Tech Gaming – Latest video game game-play and walk-through with gadget reviews.

  64. Charlie Gabaldon – I post hiking and fishing videos also product reviews

  65. VictorVlogsPDX – Random family adventures, experiments, vlogs, tutorials(coming soon) and reviews.

  66. Direct Disco services by DJ Andy – My channel Is DJ related I have gig logs and vlogs as well as how to videos on creating a dj setup as well. As tutorials on using virtual DJ software for beginners.

  67. fas vlogs – Hi, I am fas my youtube channel is all about travelling, restaurants reviews, fun activities and etc.

  68. Mr. Popcorn – I will be posting every single thing that is currently trending (Jake Paul, Logan Paul, Ksi etc)

  69. Radmartigan – 80s/90s Nostalgia, retro toy and game reviews, and im a pro wrestler so all my stuff from that is on there as well.

  70. Pig Racing Network – A simple Racing channel with Gaming Uploads and other stuff.

  71. Celine Sweetpawsnfeet – Hey creators I’m a TV journalist and I love new technologies, I make tutorials, reviews and vlogs. Hope you’ll find time to have a look at my channel and leave a comment. I’d love to support and meet new creators. Cheers. Celine

  72. KuletXCore – Neptunia, Overwatch and TF2; Gaming and sometimes Music.

  73. GB Reviews Everything – My channel is for everyday folks looking for reviews on cars, motorcycles, and everyday things that people like to know about.

  74. Jamey Saunders – Videos about heavy equipment, diesel trucks and general life on a small farm with mod and build videos.

  75. AlejandroLeal3 – This Channel is a Comedy Channel & Skits

  76. How to with Angie – DIY tutorials,craft ideas,gardening and recipes.

  77. 4bidden concepts – F150 styling and performance, Interior swaps, Body mods, Boost applications, Suspension upgrades, Downforce, Anything and everything Ford. In memory of my buddy Joe.

  78. GeneralifeObserver – Produce videos of animals, arts, experiment and video games.

  79. catkitty – My channel is all about gaming and picture videos.

  80. Bon Galaban – This channel producing a wide varieties of videos like, Education, tutorial, animals, products reviews, holidays, and about cosmetology.

  81. FireRam Productions – I want to build a fun and freindly community while creating daily themed videos Monday to Friday and Gaming Videos on a Saturday and Sunday.

  82. Southern Food Junkie – Ronnie is a native to Rock Hill, South Carolina. Growing up in the south with a love for sweet tea, grits, collard greens, and cat head biscuits.

  83. Musings of a Cat – I do videos about books, makeup, and anything else that catches my interest!

  84. DadPlaysGames2018 – What it says on the tin, im a Dad who like to play games in his spare time whilst having a laugh at how bad I might be at them.

  85. Striker – EDC item reviews

  86. Que Rico Recipes – Thank you very much my friend. I have subscribed to several of the previously mentioned channels as suggested.

  87. Little Birdie Travel – I share travel inspiration, vlogs and guides about places all over the world.

  88. The Bearded Redneck – Hunting and fishing product reviews. bow hunting and other outdoor adventures.

  89. Eh! Gaming – A Canadian and his computer set out on a quest, to bring to you, entertainment and joy, through the power of GAMING!!!

  90. LumberZack – Woodworking, DIY and Homesteading: I’m a “Zack of all Trades”, but this channel is about mostly wood related items and projects, plus I have cute kids.

  91. Michael and Sienna’s Family Fun – We are a family channel sharing our fun times and creating memories for our kids

  92. Purely ASMR Sounds – I make ASMR videos/audios of relaxing natural/man-made sounds and visuals.

  93. Home Heritage – How to for woodworkers

  94. BZEUG – Hobbyist that does Tool and Shop Stuff Reviews, Electronics Projects, Big RC projects like my TRACK DRIVE ROBOT.

  95. World war zombie25 – I will help support anyone who supports me let me know in a comment

  96. Brook Hoover – Learn guitar and jam out with Brook.

  97. Watch Me Wrench – Watch me wrench on my own vehicles. perhaps you can learn something new and save a few bucks next time your vehicle needs service.

  98. Jenn in Kanata – My channel is about saving money on groceries, cooking, menu planning, long term food storage, canning, gardening and the life of a Stay at home mom.

  99. GamingWithTino – I love to record and edit gaming videos/ sharing the best moments with my viewers and helping others grow as well.

  100. Shawn Ide Studios – Tech channel focusing on Cameras, Drones and Gear to help small YouTubers take it to the next level.

  101. Missy Krissy – I am a comedy channel so I should make you laugh whether it’s at me or with me

  102. WRALKat Studios – Comedy videos, such as sketches, and short films. We are currently posting ever Monday, and every other Monday is a video from the series “Actualy Reality” based on real events about us.

  103. Bum Bea DIY’s – Hello,I do Dollar Tree Diy’s ,Farmhouse Thrifted Home Decor,
    Cleaning and cooking on a dime recipes. Would love for you to be part of my You Tube Channel.

  104. Technical Gamerz – This channel is about games live streaming,unboxing and tech news.

  105. BvL Blind Bags – We are sisters battling to open the best toys, blind bag style, loser of the battle gives away their favorite toy.

  106. Abacus inc Info – Educational, information & referral nonprofit channel.

  107. Anj Plus3 – Family Vlogging, Cooking, Cleaning, Couponing ,and much more!

  108. The Goodsell life – Our family having fun,making memories and hopefully make people laugh along the way.


  110. justmagan247 – An all around channel, vlogs, hauls, shop with me, lives, cook with me, ect, come get your stripes!!!

  111. BS Supply – Retro gaming and making money online videos.

  112. transitvandoors – Cake baking and decorating, car repairs and DIY. Plus a weekly subscriber shout out list of small creators.

  113. The Bearded Giant – I share my hobbies of learning to weld, motorcycles, shooting and house projects.

  114. Bridget – Thrifting, Reselling, Hauls, and Disney Unboxing

  115. JADED DIVA – Lifestyle videos including craft beer reviews, wine tasting & winery tours, hiking, and road trips.

Submitting a channel to be added to the list

If you would like your channel added to the list please be sure to first participate in the process by subscribing to any of the channels above that you feel you could be interested in.

Additionally I would recommend adding a line in your video descriptions asking people to visit this page and subscribe to channels on this list. It is important to grow a coalition of people willing to help each other out and the more people who participate in the process the more likely it is to succeed. An example of what you could add to your video descriptions is:

Help small creators like me get monetized on Youtube! Go to and find some great Youtube channels in need of your help!

You can have this line of text automatically inserted at the bottom of all your video descriptions. If you do not know how to do this please watch the video below.

I will be removing channels from the list after they reach 1,000 subscribers but you could help me out a lot by notifying me once you reach 1,000 subs. You can contact me through our Contact Us page or DM me on Twitter (@StrugglevillePJ).

Fill out the form below to submit your channel

While you are waiting to reach the monetization milestones check out THIS VIDEO talking about how you can make money on Youtube without having ads on your videos!



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