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Madden Mobile Giveaways!


Welcome to the Struggleville Madden Mobile Giveaway Page!


I will update this page anytime I am doing a new giveaway.  To participate in the giveaway you must be subscribed to our Madden Mobile e-mail list!


Current Giveaway expires 8/31/2016 10pm central time


collectorspackThe first 5 people to complete the task below will receive a Collector’s Pack (40,000 coin value).  After the 5 packs are given away, anyone else who signs up will receive a Pro Pack.  I will update the bottom of the page as packs are given away.

To earn your pack, create a FREE account on InstaGC using THIS LINK!  For your username use the first part of your e-mail address, everything before the @.  If that is not possible make it as close as you can.  Once you create your account and confirm your e-mail address send an e-mail to to claim your free pack.

Once you sign up your name will appear on this list.

Once you sign up your name will appear on this list.

InstaGC is a site that allows you to earn money online, you can even get Madden Cash.  InstaGC also has a weekly football pool.  If you guys would be interested we can do a weekly football pool where the winner each week gets free packs.  In your e-mail let me know if you would be interested in this type of giveaway!

First pack given away

Second pack given away

Third pack given away

Fourth pack given away