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Harbor Freight 25% Off Coupon – JULY FOURTH ONLY!

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I know July 4th is still a few weeks away but I wanted to give you guys a heads up on the 25% coupon that will be available for just that one day. If you are planning any big purchases consider holding out until the 4th to snag that extra 5% off!

Thanks to BRIAN for sending us this AMAZING coupon!

Didn’t find the coupon you needed?  Use our Harbor Freight Custom Search Tool to find what you are looking for!

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2 thoughts on “Harbor Freight 25% Off Coupon – JULY FOURTH ONLY!

  1. LISA

    If you haven’t noticed this they sent my hubs his 25% coupon and they have added to exclusions central machinery seen that as well on there site along with the 20-% coupons as well they keep add what you can’t buy there’s going to be nothing left