Harbor Freight Inside Track Club Coupons Expiring November 30 2016


Below you will find a video of the latest Inside Track Club coupons from Harbor Freight.  Remember you do NOT have to be an Inside Track Club member to use these coupons.  The number below the barcode is the code to get the displayed coupon price.  You can use the coupon code either online, in-store or through the 800 number.  If you are purchasing in store just give the cashier the coupon code below the barcode.

8 thoughts on “Harbor Freight Inside Track Club Coupons Expiring November 30 2016

  1. Taylor

    I wish you would just use the snipping tool and upload them and not the video I can’t see the numbers. But thanks anyway!

    1. pj Post author

      When the video is running click the gear icon in the bottom right corner. Then click quality then click 720p. Also make the video full screen.

      1. Casey B.

        Even doing that, numbers aren’t legible. the “6” and “0” are the same. Big coupons aren’t bad, but the rest are poor when trying to screen capture at 720P.
        Thanks for all your help though.

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