Harbor Freight Survey


The survey is now CLOSED! The results and gift card winner will be announced later today on Youtube! Thanks for participating!

Welcome to our Harbor Freight Survey! This survey is intended to help us better understand the users of this site and what types of content they like best and would like to see available here on Struggleville.net. This survey is open until 6/12/17. For completing this survey you will be entered into a random draw and the winner will receive a $10 Harbor Freight gift card. After the survey closes we will announce the winner on our Youtube page.

To qualify for the giveaway you must be subscribed to our e-mail list, top right corner of this page.

By entering the giveaway you allow us to display the first portion of your e-mail address, everything before the @ symbol, in our results video.

E-mail Address:
1) How often do you shop at Harbor Freight? Including purchases made in-store, online or through the 800 number.
2) How do you make your Harbor Freight purchases most often?
3) When shopping at Harbor Freight how often do you use a 20% off Single Item coupon?
4) When shopping at Harbor Freight how often do you use a Free Item coupon?
5) Besides Harbor Freight, what is your favorite store to purchase tools? (either online or in-store)
6) Are you interested in coupons for other stores, website or products?
7) Please select "7" as your answer to this question.
8) How did you discover Struggleville.net?

9) How often do you visit Struggleville.net?
10) What is your favorite feature on Struggleville.net?

11) Are you Subscribed to TheStruggleville Youtube channel?
12) Would you be interested in participating in more gift card giveaways? If so, what types of gift cards?

13) Ibotta is an app that gives you cashback for items you have purchased, would you be interested in learning about how you can make/save money using Ibotta?
14) Have you ever used the Harbor Freight coupon search on Struggleville.net?
15) Anything you would like to see added to Struggleville.net?
16) Any other comments?