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I will never again buy from Stores123 on

Being a seller on both Amazon and eBay, I am not one to typically complain about a purchase.  I tend to give the seller the benefit of the doubt.  After being involved with thousands of transactions over a decade I understand that things can happen.  People make mistakes and the seller is not in control of the entire process so problems that arise may not be their fault.  All that being said I feel compelled to write this because Stores123 has annoyed the hell out of me.

I purchased a product from Stores123 on on October 28th and paid for 2 day shipping.  This was only about $30, was small and I paid for 2 day shipping.  On October 31st I received an e-mail stating that they are having a problem shipping the item and want to know if I wanted to cancel or if I still wanted the item.  I said I still wanted it.  Then today (11/9) I receive the same e-mail with a new expected delivery date of 11/17.  This time I decided to cancel.

What really burns me is that before cancelling I actually looked all over my Amazon page to see  where the link was to leave feedback.  It was nowhere to be found, all I could do was either cancel the order or approve the late shipment.  After cancelling the item, it is completely gone, like none of it ever happened.  Of course I can’t leave feedback now.  Looking at the Amazon listing the item is still listed for sale with a 2 day shipping option and not listed as back ordered.

The thing is Stores123 is a mega seller.  They have over 150,000 feedback and no matter how bad of a seller they are Amazon will never suspend them or take any action against them.  They are the Amazon version of too big to fail.  For myself, I only have about 600 feedback.  If I conducted business in the same way as Stores123 you better believe my account would be suspended.

I decided to Google “amazon Stores123” and the results were shockingly unsurprising.  What I saw was a page of customer complaints.  Since Amazon won’t let me leave negative feedback… I consider this post the next best thing.

Buyer beware when dealing with Stores123.

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5 thoughts on “I will never again buy from Stores123 on

  1. Belinda Morgan

    I also bought from stores123, the item was no cheat by any means, I was given a wide birth on the delievery date which ended a month after I ordered it, it still did not come, I complained to them, nothing, called the copy phone, got a recordering over and over that no one was available, messaged Ebay and told them of the situation and opened a complaint, I got a message back from stores123 that say, the esitmated delvery date is set by ebay not them, they are not obligated to abide by it, and unless I take down my compaint and bad review of them, my item would not be shipped and they didnt know when a refund would be issued, I did as they said and I got no answers back agan, I complained directly to ebay who issued an immediate refund, then I got a call from stores123 asking me to reorder the item directly from them bypassing ebay, they didnt want ebay to be futher involved in the transaction. Ummmm no

  2. Juliane M Blackmore

    I’m with you. I will never buy from this third rate store again. They will not issue me a refund for a defective desk because it’s over their 30 day refund policy. It was a Christmas gift. That’s the last time I buy in advance!!

    1. PJ Post author

      Try contacting Amazon directly, I usually do it through their live chat. Most items right now can be returned through the end of January because Amazon has an extended returns window during the Christmas season.

      Amazon can force a seller to refund something whether the seller agrees to it or not.

    2. Deanna Woods

      I will NEVER order from store 123 again! I ordered a dresser from them. All the parts was not in the box. So I’m stuck with some wood. Amazon said they couldn’t help me because it was from a 3rd party. I emailed store 123 and there response was it’s over there 30 days. I even explain that I just wanted to get the parts. They emailed me back saying it nothing they could do. I even explain that covi 19 hit. So I couldn’t get someone out to put it up till now. They didn’t care. No parts and no refund and that they have closed this case out. Amazon shouldn’t be a part of them. It’s really sad. I know amazon no they are not a good company. I paid over $200.