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Struggleville Youtube Legacy Channels


A few weeks ago I put together our Get More Youtube Subscribers And Get Monetized! page. The page is a list of Youtube channels that are in need of reaching the 1,000 subscriber threshold so they can regain the ability to make money through their Youtube videos. (Check out THIS POST regarding the new rules Youtube has implimented regarding monetization.) The page has been wildly successful and we have already started removing channels from the list because they have surpassed their goal and this allows us to make room for new channels to be added.

I hated the idea of just deleting these channels who have reached this subscriber goal so I decided to create this page. A page of all the channels that were on the Get More Youtube Subscribers And Get Monetized! page and have reached their goal. For many of these channels getting to 1,000 subscribers was just the initial step. To start making money on Youtube again they also need 4,000 hours of watch time in a rolling 12 months period. In other words, these channels aren’t out of the woods yet! Take a look at the list below and please consider subscribing and watching their videos! #SmallYoutuberArmy

Struggleville Youtube Legacy Channels

  1. CheapskateProjects – A DIY channel where I show my learning journey into metalworking, woodworking, electronics/IoT, and programming.

  2. Phillip Riggins – My Youtube channel is about me playing the Guitar as well as Guitar Lessons & I’ve got lots of Travel videos.

  3. Magifyre Gaming – Daily 4K PC gaming content

  4. Mad Scientist Hut – I am interested in how things work, mechanical, electrical and just about anything else, I make videos on stuff I find interesting and think that other people would like to see, thanks for watching!

  5. Mike the painter – Painters and homeowners learn to paint faster and better. How to informational videos.

  6. CivilGuy – A variety channel that specializes in music, tech unboxings, and vlogs.

  7. HIFIVEGA – I make video’s car audio DIY video’s.

  8. Musky Hans – Fishing in Wisconsin for all species both open water and ice fishing, a few lure making and hunting videos also.

  9. Southern Country Living – Our channel has a big variety of gardening, animals, wildlife, cooking, diy, electronics.

  10. Frog – Tech – Tips – My channel is simply about hardware, repair stuff, good tips, sometimes just fan video and on end gaming as well.

  11. TheManCaveVideo – My channel is mainly how to type stuff including but not limited to: small engine repair, tool and gadget demos, “how to” projects, grilling/smoking and more.

  12. Remi Moore – Channel contains original poetry and music.

  13. kellyr kid fun – family fun with our son, wildlife or whatever is happening in my world.

  14. BOOM & BIGZ TV – Travel & Adventure Vlogs, Cruise/Hotel Tours & Reviews, Casino Fun, Slots Wins, Vegan Recipes, Thrift & Clearance Hauls & Ebay Sales.

  15. Goodgame Bees and Homestead – A channel teaching and sharing our beekeeping and homesteading adventure.

  16. CatsOnTv – I offer videos on Cats, Weather and Lake Tahoe.



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