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Madden Mobile 18 – Which Auction House Are You On?

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Auction House 1

Just like the last few years, Madden Mobile 18 has several different auction house servers. This means that the items that appear on one auction house server won’t appear on another. If you are trying to trade players (or even send gifts) being on a different server can make things difficult… or impossible. So follow the instructions below to see what auction house you are on this year.

  • Go to the auction house and perform this search, Name: Hacken Buy Now: 999,111 to 999,555
  • The buy price of the cards will tell you what auction house you are on. Beware some fools will try to trick you with false cards so look for what the majority of the cards are

  • 999,111 is auction house 1
  • 999,222 is auction house 2
  • 999,333 is auction house 3
  • 999,444 is auction house 4

  • On the legit cards the Start Price will be the auction house number. For instance auction house one will have a Start Price of 111,111.

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