Madden Mobile Football Pool!


Week 3 is closed!

trophyEach week of the NFL season we are going to do a football pool!  The winner each week will get whichever specialty pack Madden Mobile has available on Tuesday.  This could be a 200k Redzone Pack, 60k Huddle Pack or anything else.  If no specialty pack is available on Tuesday then the winner will get whichever specialty pack is released next.

To enter the football pool you first must be subscribed to our Madden Mobile e-mail list! You can subscribe HERE.

Next, pick your winners from the form below.  The tiebreaker at the bottom is the total amount of points scored by all teams for the entire week!

On Thursday I will send an e-mail to everyone on the e-mail list with a grid so you can see everyone who entered and who they picked!

You must submit your picks by WEDNESDAY NIGHT!



Thursday Night:
 Houston Texans New England Patriots

 Arizona Cardinals Buffalo Bills
 Baltimore Ravens Jacksonville Jaguars
 Cleveland Browns Miami Dolphins
 Denver Broncos Cincinnati Bengals
 Detroit Lions Green Bay Packers
 Minnesota Vikings Carolina Panthers
 Oakland Raiders Tennessee Titans
 Chicago Bears Dallas Cowboys
 Washington Redskins New York Giants
 LA Rams Tampa Bay Buccaneers
 San Fran 49ers Seattle Seahawks
 New York Jets Kansas City Chiefs
 Pittsburgh Steelers Philadelphia Eagles
 San Diego Chargers Indianapolis Colts

Monday Night:

 Atlanta Falcons New Orleans Saints

Tie Breaker (total points scored by all teams for the entire week!)

Your Email (This e-mail MUST be the same as the one you used to sign up for the e-mail list or your submission will not count)


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