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Youtube End Screen Elements Error – “Element outside safe area” [FIXED]


YoutubeElementOutsideSafeAreaRecently Youtube added a new feature called End Screen Elements. These are essentially a new version of the old annotations you used to use on your videos. These end screen elements run for about 5-20 seconds and unlike annotations they work on mobile devices. You can add a link to an approved website, a subscribe button, a playlist or video or a link to another channel. I was recently going through some of my most popular videos and adding these end screen elements as a way to drive more traffic to both this site and my other Youtube videos.

While adding these elements I started running into this error message: “Element outside safe area”. It would pop up when trying to add an element for another video or playlist. Although I am not sure exactly what the error means or why it is being triggered I was able to figure out a way around it. Typically when adding end screen elements to my video I have been starting with my subscribe button. Then adding the videos and playlist afterwards and this was triggering the error. Once I deleted the subscribe button I was able to add the other end screen elements without receiving the error. And yes I was still able to add my subscribe button I just had to do it as the last element that I added!

Hopefully this short posts fixes your problem also. If you receive this error just keep in mind that the order in which you add the end screen elements DOES MATTER! If you have another solution to this error feel free to leave it in the comments below!

If you are getting an error when trying to save the end screen elements try re-positioning the subscribe element!



5 thoughts on “Youtube End Screen Elements Error – “Element outside safe area” [FIXED]

  1. Odell Dias

    I Found a Fix. Add the subscriber logo on the top left hand side of the area and click save. If you add it on any other location, it will give you that error

  2. keith dolude

    I deleted the subscription but left the most recent part and hit save, it worked. Then added the subscribe part hit save and it worked. The cat says it was his help that fixed it.

  3. बॉबी ज़ोफन

    I moved the elements from the farthest corners towards inner side of the video and it worked ok.
    And if I again tried to move the elements (end screen annotations) towards any edge, it gave error.

    I deduced that our elements need to be at a safe distance so that when they actually play to the user, the elements don’t tend to stretch outside the video bounds.

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