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Acme Tools: $20 off $99 or more on select DeWalt (Expires 1/31/20)

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Now through the end of January Acme Tools is running a sale that will take $20 off your DeWALT purchases of $99 or more. To receive your discount enter promo code DEWALT2020 at check out. Check the bottom of this post for a list of exclusions.

Here are 2 links that may be helpful. First – 20V tools under $100, sorted highest price to lowest. Second – 20V tools from $100 to $200, sorted lowest price to highest.

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Here is the gigantic list of exclusions:
DCV517B, DCE511B, DCD740B, DCG412B, DCS380B, DCS391B, DCS551B, DCW210B, DCE100B, DCF880B, DCF883B, DCD791B, DCF620B, DCF887B, DCCS620B, DCS331B, DCV581H, DCD996B, DCF888B, DCG426B, DCGG571B, DCD997B, DCP580B, DCS367B, DCS570B, DCF890B, DCL074B, DCF622B, DCF894B, DCF894HB, DCH133B, DCW600B, DCS491B, DCF899B, DCF899HB, DCS496B, DCS361B, DCG413FB, DCF897B, DCH273B, DCH263B, DCN692B, DCS374B, DCK278C2, DCD708C2, DCD709C2, DCK299D1T1, DCK299P2, DCKTS299P2, DCK299M2, DCD701F2, DCF801F2, DCF601F2, DCF902F2, DCD706F2, DCC020IB, DCK240C2, F340735, F340730, F340725, F340720, F340715, F340710, F340705, F340700, F340695, F340690, F340685, F340680, F340675, F340670, F340661, F340655, F340650, F340645, F340640, F340635, F332100, F332000, F102885, F102880, DCHJ060C1-L, DCHJ060ABB-2X, DCHJ060ABB-3X, DCHJ060ABB-L, DCHJ060ABB-M, DCHJ060ABB-S, DCHJ060ABB-XL, DCHJ060ABD1, DCHJ060ABD1-2X, DCHJ060ABD1-3X, DCHJ060ABD1-L, DCHJ060ABD1-M, DCHJ060ABD1-S, DCHJ060ABD1-XL, DCHJ060ATB, DCHJ060ATB-2X, DCHJ060ATB-3X, DCHJ060ATB-L, DCHJ060ATB-M, DCHJ060ATB-S, DCHJ060ATB-XL, DCHJ060ATD1, DCHJ060ATD1-2X, DCHJ060ATD1-3X, DCHJ060ATD1-L, DCHJ060ATD1-M, DCHJ060ATD1-S, DCHJ060ATD1-XL, DCHJ060C1-XL, DCHJ061B-M, DCHJ061C1-L, DCHJ062B-M, DCHJ062C1-2XL, DCHJ063C1-S, DCHJ064B-2XL, DCHJ064C1-2XL, DCHJ064C1-XL, DCHJ065B-2XL, DCHJ066C1-2XL, DCHJ066C1-L, DCHJ066C1-M, DCHJ066C1-S, DCHJ066C1-XL, DCHJ066C1-XS, DCHJ067B-2XL, DCHJ067B-3XL, DCHJ067B-L, DCHJ067B-M, DCHJ067B-XL, DCHJ068B-2XL, DCHJ068B-3XL, DCHJ068B-L, DCHJ068B-M, DCHJ068B-XL, DCHJ069B-M, DCHJ069C1-3X, DCHJ069C1-3XL, DCHJ070B-2XL, DCHJ070B-S, DCHJ070C1-L, DCHJ070C1-XL, DCHJ071B-S, DCHJ072B-2X, DCHJ072B-3X, DCHJ072B-L, DCHJ072B-M, DCHJ072B-S, DCHJ072B-XL, DCHJ072D1-2X, DCHJ072D1-3X, DCHJ072D1-L, DCHJ072D1-M, DCHJ072D1-S, DCHJ072D1-XL, DCHJ074D1-2X, DCHJ074D1-2XL, DCHJ074D1-3X, DCHJ074D1-3XL, DCHJ074D1-L, DCHJ074D1-M, DCHJ074D1-S, DCHJ074D1-XL, DCHJ075B, DCHJ075B-2X, DCHJ075B-3X, DCHJ075B-L, DCHJ075B-M, DCHJ075B-S, DCHJ075B-XL, DCHJ075D1, DCHJ075D1-2X, DCHJ075D1-3X, DCHJ075D1-L, DCHJ075D1-M, DCHJ075D1-S, DCHJ075D1-XL, DCHJ076ABB-2X, DCHJ076ABB-3X, DCHJ076ABB-L, DCHJ076ABB-M, DCHJ076ABB-S, DCHJ076ABB-XL, DCHJ076ABD1, DCHJ076ABD1-2X, DCHJ076ABD1-3X, DCHJ076ABD1-L, DCHJ076ABD1-M, DCHJ076ABD1-S, DCHJ076ABD1-XL, DCHJ076ATB-2X, DCHJ076ATB-3X, DCHJ076ATB-L, DCHJ076ATB-M, DCHJ076ATB-S, DCHJ076ATB-XL, DCHJ076ATD1, DCHJ076ATD1-2X, DCHJ076ATD1-3X, DCHJ076ATD1-L, DCHJ076ATD1-M, DCHJ076ATD1-S, DCHJ076ATD1-XL, DCHJ076B, DCHJ076B-L, DCHJ076B-S, DCHJ076D1, DCHJ076D1-3X, DCHJ076D1-L, DCHJ076D1-M, DCHJ076D1-S, DCHJ076D1-XL, DCHJ077D1, DCHJ077D1-2X, DCHJ077D1-L, DCHJ077D1-M, DCHJ077D1-S, DCHJ077D1-XL, DCHJ077D1-XS, DCHJ080B-2X, DCHJ080B-3X, DCHJ080B-L, DCHJ080B-M, DCHJ080B-S, DCHJ080B-XL, DCHJ081TD1-2X, DCHJ081TD1-3X, DCHJ081TD1-L, DCHJ081TD1-M, DCHJ081TD1-S, DCHJ081TD1-XL, DCHJ083CD1-2X, DCHJ083CD1-3X, DCHJ083CD1-L, DCHJ083CD1-M, DCHJ083CD1-S, DCHJ083CD1-XL, DCHJ083TD1, DCHJ083TD1-2X, DCHJ083TD1-3X, DCHJ083TD1-L, DCHJ083TD1-M, DCHJ083TD1-S, DCHJ083TD1-XL, DCHJ084CD1-2X, DCHJ084CD1-3X, DCHJ084CD1-L, DCHJ084CD1-M, DCHJ084CD1-S, DCHJ084CD1-XL, DCHJ084CD1-XS, DCHJ087BB-2X, DCHJ087BB-3X, DCHJ087BB-L, DCHJ087BB-M, DCHJ087BB-S, DCHJ087BB-XL, DCHVL10C1-L, DCHVL10C1-M, DCHVL10C1-XL, DG5101, DG5102, DG5103, DG5104, DG5114, DG5120, DG5121C, DG5125, DG5126, DG5132, DG5139, DG5140, DG5142, DG5145, DG5164, DG5173, DG5203, DG5204, DG5217, DG5224, DG5333, DG5372, DG5433, DG5472, DG5511, DG5540, DG5542, DG5543, DG5553, DG5562, DG5563, DG5570, DG5582, DG5587, DG5597, DG5617, DG5640, DG5650, DG5663, DG5680, DGC530, DGCL33, DGL523, DGL571, DGL573, DPG100-1D, DPG100-2D, DPG11-Y, DPG15, DPG51-1, DPG51-2C, DPG51-6, DPG52-6C, DPG52-9C, DPG54-1C, DPG54-9D, DPG55-1C, DPG56-7C, DPG56-7D, DPG56B-YC, DPG58-1, DPG62-C, DPG82-11C, DPG82-21, DPG94-2C, DPG94-6C, DPG94-GLC, DPG95-11D, DPG95-2C, DPG96-2D, DPG97-2D, DPG99-2PC, DST11-NPBB-2XL, DST11-NPBB-L, DST11-NPBB-M, DST11-NPBB-XL, DXAEWPC4, DXAEC80, DXAEJ14, DXAEPS2, DXC10QT, DXC45QT, DXC65QT, DXL3020-28PT, DXL3420-32PG, DXL3420-16PG, DXL3020-40PT, DXL3020-32PT, DXL3020-36PT, DXL3020-16PT, DXL3010-08, DXL3010-06, DXL3010-10, DXL3810-06, DXL3810-08, DXL2010-04, DXL3010-04, DXL3110-04, DXL3110-08, DXL2010-08, DXL3410-10, DXL2010-06, DXL3410-12, DXL3010-07, DXL2010-02, PD532MHI005, PD612MHB005, PD123MHB008, PD422MHI005, F340660, DWMT75000, DWMT78086, DCBL720P1, DCB305-4, DC9096-2, DCL043

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2 thoughts on “Acme Tools: $20 off $99 or more on select DeWalt (Expires 1/31/20)

  1. Mark A Keeler

    A quick way to see if your tool is in the list of exclusions is to open a search field by pressing CTRL-F. Then type in your tool model. If it is in the list, it will be highlighted.