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Amazon CPM Ads – “This ad uses the old Ad Code Format”

Amazon CPM ads is a great substitute or addition to Google Adsense ads. The Amazon ad network give you the option to set a minimum CPM and add a passback code. Basically if the Amazon ad isn’t meeting your minimum CPM then you can have the passback code load something else such as an Adsense ad code or an Amazon affiliate banner of the same size.

One problem you might see as you start creating ads and placing them on your website are ad units that you cannot click on. These ads will have a symbol next to them and when you hover over that symbol you will get the message “This ad uses the old Ad Code Format”. After doing some research I have found 2 reasons for this error.

The first is that the error is in fact being reported in correctly. I have seen discussions of people saying they created an ad unit, put that ad in just one spot and that on occasion they are seeing this ad return the error message. All we can do is assume this is a problem on Amazon’s end and that their is not much you can do about.

The second reason I have been seeing this ad has to do with WordPress. Whenever creating a post or page on WordPress you have the option to use the Visual editor or the Text editor. If you paste your Amazon CPM ad into the page using the Text editor and then at any time switch to the Visual editor then the ad code gets changed. The changes that the Visual editor makes will result in you receiving the “This ad uses the old Ad Code Format” error in your Amazon CPM logs.

As far as I know there is not any good way to find out which exact page is giving this error. The only thing I have been doing on the few pages I have run into this problem is trying to match the number of occurrences on a specific day with my Google Analytics page. However that is pretty much a nightmare to figure out.

If you have a better way, or if their is a report that Amazon provides that I am just missing feel free to leave a comment below.

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