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BOLO: Beystadium Blazing Dojo by Hasbro

41oBgTQUTFLFirst I’ll tell you about this specific BOLO, then for anyone interested the bottom of this post will talk more generally about BOLOs.

This BOLO is all about the Beystadium: Blazing Dojo by Hasbro.  Check out these links for more specific product information:  Amazon & eBay.  On Amazon, you can see the item has a sales rank of about 150k.  The sales rank has gone up from somewhere closer to the 50k mark, this really is because of how high the price has gotten.  Currently the lowest price on Amazon is about $69.  I have sold 15-20 of these over the last year and the resale prices have steadily gone up and up.  You specifically want to look for the one pictured to the right and linked to above.  Their are other styles, colors and brands that are worth practically nothing, be sure to do your research.  I have sold these both new and used.  I found a stack of them for $3 at a store just before Christmas 2015.  The last 2 I found were used, 1 from a thrift store (bought for $3 sold for $39.99, used) and 1 from a garage sale.  The sale wanted $10 for it but my girlfriend was able to get it for $3, more of a charmer than myself apparently.

These are obviously going to get harder and harder to find but their are 2 positives.  First most people will look these over, they don’t look like something you could sell for good money.  This means a lot of resellers won’t be buying them and a lot of people pricing used ones won’t be asking for much.  The second positive is the price is still rising on these and Christmas will be here before you know it.  People are always willing to pay more around Christmas and you will have a lot more people looking for toys around this time.

Thats the BOLO now some thoughts on the concept of BOLOs

First the term BOLO – Be On the Look Out.  As far as I know it is originally a cop term used when looking for someone.  The resale community has adapted it to also mean be on the look out for specific products or types of products.

I have actually heard people argue over the actual meaning, whether the term should be used as for a specific product or type of products.  These silly fools, the term wasn’t even meant for this industry why the hell are you arguing over something so stupid.

Typically the problem with any BOLO is if you expose to many people to the item that you will kill the price and initiate a race to the bottom.  If I told you WalMart had product X on clearance for $2 and it is selling for $15 on Amazon then before you know it that price will drop to $5 and people will be struggling to get their money back.  This problem is more unique to things that would typically be sold on Amazon.  Amazon’s listing structure (having everyone selling a product on the same page) encourages that race to the bottom because any buyer can easily see the best deal for the item.  eBay is a bit unique in that you can have a higher price but still rank better in search results (Want to see how your items are ranking? Check out my search rank tool.)

I am not a big fan of the concept and usually don’t post BOLOs.  People selling memberships to groups that post BOLOs are modern day snake oil salesmen.  If an item is making you thousands of dollars why would you give that information out for free or for a $9.99 membership?  You are either the most noble person ever to live or you have other motives.  Every human decision has some degree of selfishness, I don’t believe any of these people are so altruistic as to give out such information for free to complete strangers.

So whats my motive in this post?  I believe that this item has hit a turning point.  It is becoming harder to find and I believe that their will not be enough of these found to kill the price, besides I am not sure I can find any more in my area.  That does not mean you won’t find your own stack of them in your own area.  It won’t hurt my business to share this item with others however I will earn revenue from this post via ads and affiliate links.  Some may not acknowledge the difference but I am profiting off advertisers and not individuals looking to get ahead in their resale business.

Always pay attention to the motives of the person providing you with content.  Just because someone has a Youtube channel or a website that doesn’t make them either creditable or an expert.  Use their information as guidance and always do your own research.

Never trust someone who pretends to know everything about every topic.  They are a liar and have to big of an ego to admit when they don’t know something.  Their are sharks in the waters and no one cares more about your business, about your well-being then yourself.






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