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Struggleville eBay Deal Catcher – The Easiest $100 You Ever Made!

About a week ago I published a post regarding my new eBay tool designed to both help resellers score great deals and for eBay buyers to also find great deals.  The Struggleville eBay Deal Catcher uses and RSS feeds to e-mail you when a specific item is put on eBay at or below the price you specify.

Well, one of my recipes just fired off tonight so I wanted to show you exactly how it works and see if you think this is a great deal or not worth the investment.  I created this recipe because I sold a bunch of this item last year around Christmas time and made a killing on these things.  Naturally I wanted to find more of them so I created the recipe about a week ago and just got my first hit.

The item was posted to eBay at 7:07 and I received the notification at 7:16, not bad.  The search term I used with the Struggleville eBay Deal Catcher was “791325005527” which is the UPC code for this item:


The triggered listing is for an auction with a Buy It Now option (232038823345).  The listing is started at $55 + shipping and the BIN is $150.  The BIN is definitely too high to consider for resale but the $55 (depending on shipping costs) is possible if the auction doesn’t get much higher.

For the sake of this post we are going to look at the numbers as if we were going to list the item on Amazon.  Obviously, especially when a BIN is involved, you could also easily purchase an item on eBay and resell it right on the same platform.  But lets check out this item on Amazon.

It has a rank of 200k in Toys & Games

Their are 4 total sellers

The first 2 sellers have the item priced at $199.99 the other 2 are right around $250.

Now lets put these numbers into the Amazon FBA calculator and see what kind of profit would be possible with this purchase.

If we sold the item for $199.99 we would get $163 after fees.

If we sold the item for $250 we would get $205.76 after fees.

So if we can pick this item up for (including shipping) $100 or less we can expect a profit of at least $63-105.

This is exactly why I encourage you to set up these recipes through the Struggleville eBay Deal Catcher.  Once you create the initial recipes this becomes completely passive.  No wasted time, no searching around for items and you get nearly instant results.  If you haven’t already, be sure to go check it out.  You will be happy you did.


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