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Walmart: FREE Ibotta KIND Nut Butter Bar - Lifebeholder - 07-08-2020

Walmart: KIND Nut Butter Bar, select varieties, any size (I did verify with barcode Blueberry, Crunch, Dark Chocolate, and Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate work for me)
Price: $1.98
FREE after Ibotta Rebate $1.98
Check for any receipt rebate as well.
*I was unable to locate this item in any of my nearby stores*

If you are not already an Ibotta user please use the referral link or code provided: 
Code: lgdxvgm
*This is a phone app that is only allowed to be attached to one phone.* You can check this link to check with your zip code what Walmart carries this item as well as the prices, I could only find Targets around here that carried the single bars. You can also scan the barcode to see if you have the rebate on your account or if the item matches your rebates specifics.