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Snubbed by the bear??? - Yukon - 09-24-2020

Alright.....Struggleville got totally snubbed by den of tools. They just went over 100k subs and did a vid about what other tool sites to watch. Not even a nod to Strugglers.  Very disappointing.  Undecided

RE: Snubbed by the bear??? - Lifebeholder - 12-03-2020

Must be RSF's family member or someone else's family member that PJ might have had to call out for not being truthful. There are a lot of shady characters on Youtube that you don't see behind scenes. We all know that subscribers can be bought especially early in the hours and have fake accounts that send them super chats. You see the crap that can happen in the presidential election. Image the things that happen in less popular unlit areas. Numbers are nice but true subscribers that can actually benefit and be able to use the information that is provided is worth so much more.

RE: Snubbed by the bear??? - Lifebeholder - 12-03-2020

Second, you can't give credit to sites if you steal their content. LOL Then people would know that you are not coming up with your own content. LOL I think some of the resalers are the worse at this, but I have also seen other niche areas seem to do the same thing.