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Satellites - TommyJ - 01-20-2021

I saw people here watching Falcon launches.
I am also interested in the space theme. A lot of news awaits us in 2021.
China launched satellites in the fall to explore 6g networks. RocketLab launched 1 (!) Microsatellite in early 2021. Who else is also keen on satellites? What interesting news have you seen?

RE: Satellites - TommyJ - 01-27-2021

The space services market is now very developed. The high demand for launches of small satellites for various studies has led to an increase in proposals. And that's great. After all, this will lead to a decrease in the cost of launching satellites required for various important scientific research.
Various companies are testing their payload control systems, space tugs, etc.
Already over 60 different private space companies around the planet. I really hope that each of them will benefit humanity.

RE: Satellites - JacobCooper - 04-02-2021

Starlink satellites interest me more than all others. Still, your question made me browse the Internet and try to find some new information about satellite launches and was amazed that people managed to launch more than 70 sats over the first three months of this year. I would be glad to get some information about new private satellite manufacturers. As soon as you're keen on satellites, I suppose you'll give me an insight into the startups that are worth our attention.

RE: Satellites - JacobCooper - 04-02-2021

Speaking of satellites, what's your opinion about light pollution caused by them? I can't say that I belong to people who advocate for reducing the number of satellites because of this effect, but I suppose this may be a big problem for certain categories of people, such as astronomers and astrophotographers. Do they exaggerate the problem, or is it real?

RE: Satellites - JacobCooper - 04-07-2021

Btw, I noticed that we often discuss satellites, their importance, the pollution they cause, but we never discuss satellite uses. Why? It's time to stop limiting the functions of satellites exclusively to network providing. They are far more important than we think. British rocket manufacturer I follow decided to devote the separate section in its blog to satellite uses. Check the page to boost your knowledge Skyrora cooperates with the satellite launching companies, and at the same time, works on the spacecraft to clean up LEO, and I think it's good.