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Space debris problem - TommyJ - 01-22-2021

Before humans first started sending objects into Earth orbit, the space around our planet was clean and free. But the launch of Sputnik 1 in October 1957 changed everything. Since that time, space debris has been accumulating, and the number of failed satellites significantly exceeds the number of active objects in our orbit.
More and more non-existent objects populate near-Earth space, the risk of collision increases, which, as objects fall and break, entails the creation of new space debris.
But according to the ESA report, collisions are not even close to being the biggest problem: in the past 10 years, they accounted for only 0.83% of all debris events.
“The biggest contributors to the current space debris problem are in-orbit explosions caused by fuel and batteries remaining onboard spacecraft and rockets. Despite the fact that measures to prevent these explosions have been applied for many years, we have not seen a decrease in their number. Post-mission dismantlement trends are improving, but at a slow pace. ”- Holger Krag, ESA Space Safety Program Manager.
Is it really that serious? Do we have a solution to this problem?

RE: Space debris problem - TommyJ - 01-25-2021

Yes, I've seen a lot of news about various projects. A laser was developed for the ISS. Private space companies are developing space tugs and other such things. But I still haven't seen a single working tool that can solve this problem.
Could it be that the tool is already there, but for some reason they cannot or do not want to use it?

RE: Space debris problem - JacobCooper - 04-02-2021

I also saw numerous projects and concepts of spacecraft that should solve space debris, but I thought that space agencies don't launch them because there's no enough funding or other resources to do it. But you suppose that they may not want to do it. Please, can you tell me what made you come to such a conclusion?