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Garage Sale & Thrift Store Haul Video!

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4 thoughts on “Garage Sale & Thrift Store Haul Video!

  1. Life

    Very nice haul sir. Looks like you are going to get a nice profit off those items. I love the variety you have going it is not the same old thing. Thank for your time and effort you have but into this post.

  2. Daryl Rudick

    I’m gonna start selling garage sale items. Other than ebay and amazon,what are some other auction Web sites or seller sites that you would recommend? Thank You for all the info that you post… Daryl

    1. pj Post author

      eBay and Amazon are definitely the best options. The easiest rule of thumb is it the item has a barcode it would be better for Amazon, if not then sell it on eBay.

      You can also try It is similar to eBay but gets a lot less traffic, expect to have to promote your own items if you want to get any real sales.

      For selling locally you can use Craigslist. I don’t do facebook but I have heard their are a lot of facebook groups and a site called varagesale or something like that for selling locally too.

      Also you can try I havent sold on their in a few years because at the time you had to pay to include pictures in your listings but that format may have changed by now.

      If you have any questions about selling feel free to ask any time!