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Harbor Freight 25% Off Coupon – ONE DAY ONLY!!

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Below we have a 25% off coupon!  It is good for ONE DAY ONLY!!


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    One thought on “Harbor Freight 25% Off Coupon – ONE DAY ONLY!!

    1. Sharon O'Neal

      I’ve wasted an unbelievable amount of time for weeks trying to find then trying hard to get you to send me the monthly Track Club coupons as you promised if I subscribed to tons of sites…. it says only your YOUTUBE channel, but it’s every few minutes or I can’t download anything you’ve posted. If you weren’t going to send them, Sweetie, i just wish you wouldn’t have said repeatedly that you would IF we subscribed. I’ve begged, but to no avail. I was robbed several weeks ago when i was in the hospital, and am trying to replace half of my shop tools. I NEED about $400 worth of the items listed in just this particular Track Club mailing. Not to mention the HOURS of pouring through every catalog, flyer, etc. they put out to purposely confuse their customers… and most rend up getting to the counter and paying a higher price because there isn’t time then to go through 5 different catalogs. JESUS! I just wish you would have sent them. I really needed this. Going back today. Can’t wait any longer. MAYBE you’ll get around to it on these last 3 days of the flipping month and I can make yet another trip up there. I just spent $400 this month at H.F. and it could have been sooo much less. I’ll just pay their fee from now on, unsubscribe to your channel and be done. I just know I never want to go thru this again. Please just send these things as you promised. K??? – Shaorn (Arte)