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Harbor Freight: $5 Tool Sale, FREE For ITC Members! (Expires 3/15/21)

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Harbor Freight just announced their latest $5 tool sale. They run this sale a couple of times a year. The way it works is you can get the 6 tools shown below for just $5 each when you make a purchase of $50+. Once you break the $50 threshold you can buy 1 $5 tool or you can buy all 6 of them. In the past the $5 tool would count towards the $50 total. So in this case you could buy $30 worth of $5 tools and then get $20 of filler, I doubt Harbor Freight has updated their system so this probably still works.

The new twist this time around is if you are an ITC member you get the items for FREE with a $50 purchase. The fine print does state one per customer per day. However I read this to mean you can get 1 free drill bit set or 1 free flashlight. Each item is a different offer.

If I were going I would grab all 6 and see if they give me all 6 for free. Interestingly if they won’t do that can you get 1 free item and then 5 $5 items like a non ITC member would be able to get? Honestly I think this could get messy for some people.

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