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Harbor Freight Coupons Expiring 5/29/17

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Below are scans of the latest coupons from Harbor Freight.  These coupons can be used online, in-store or through the 800 number.  When using them either online or through the 800 number use number below the barcode for your coupon code.  When using the coupons in-store either print the coupon page or show the cashier the coupon on your smart phone!


Didn’t find the coupon you needed?  Use our Harbor Freight Custom Search Tool to find what you are looking for!

Harbor Freight lot numbers included in the above coupons: 69030 69031 61969 61970 69684 68530 63086 69671 63085 68525 69677 63087 63088 69488 62533 68353 69227 62116 62584 68048 62627 68424 63054 60728 69034 62858 62289 61807 61884 62370 65570 61609 67831

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One thought on “Harbor Freight Coupons Expiring 5/29/17

  1. Mike

    you mentioned “3 mil” gloves & didn’t know offhand that a mil = one one-thousandth of an inch = 0.001″ inches.
    A sheet of paper is 2 mils, a postcard 7, roughly.

    Thanks also for your fine website!