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How To Get AMAZING Deals On eBay! (Struggleville eBay Deal Catcher Explanation Video)

Video Transcript

0:00hey guys welcome back to the struggleville youtube channel I have another ebay video
0:05for you in this video I want to talk about a little tool i put together that
0:08I’m calling the struggleville ebay deal catcher and basically it’s just a little
0:12tool to automate the process of searching for things on ebay and then
0:18when that item gets posted you get an email now the great thing about it is you can
0:22actually specify the maximum price you would pay for the item so you only get
0:26an email if the price of the item is that for every specify or below and i’ve
0:32been using it for a couple weeks now and I really like it i scored a couple
0:34really good deals and some other deals of an email to me that I saw the
0:38opportunity to take advantage of I think it’d be really good for collectors who
0:42are looking for specific items that may not get listed very often and you don’t
0:46want to spend all your time constantly searching ebay for the same stuff like
0:50once a week or once a day or however often you do it it’s great for anyone
0:54with Christmas coming up in a couple of months looking for a specific time maybe
0:58you’ll catch a seller who doesn’t realize what a toy is worth so you’ll be
1:02able to score a great deal there or if you’re my situation where I’m looking
1:06for buying items on ebay cheap enough that I can resell them for a profit on
1:11amazon and that’s really my intention with the tool so on screen here you have
1:18you see I have my website struggle . net open and the link to this deal catcher
1:24is right here on the top also will be below the video if you’re watching this
1:28on youtube so at the top gives you a brief description i do use website
1:34called ifttt it’s if this then that . com ifttt com stands for if this than
1:41that if you’ve never heard of it it basically automates just tons of
1:45different internet processes and it can really save you a lot of time with all
1:49sorts of stuff and so in this scenario we’re using it with ebay and your email
1:55it’s a free website if you’re wondering and all you have to do is click this
2:00down here there’s this add button or if you don’t see that sometimes doesn’t pop
2:04up right you can just click this link up here
2:08and it brings you to they call it a recipe everything you create on here and
2:13the top you put in your search term whatever you’re searching for for best
2:18results you want to put in the UPC code or an ISBN number or maybe the model
2:23number and brand of an item if you get too vague you’re going to get a lot of
2:27emails like if i just typed in polo shirt and then left the price blank I’m
2:31gonna get like a thousand emails so you want to be somewhat specific of the
2:36price is optional if it’s some kind of a rare item then use one be notified if
2:40it’s listed at all
2:42you’re probably gonna get a lot of emails because it’s a rare item so you
2:45don’t need a price for that but if you’re more conscious and if it’s an
2:52item that’s listed more often like in this example shows an ipad ok there’s
2:56tons of ipads on ebay so you probably don’t want an email every time and iPads
3:00listed but if it’s at a certain price maybe that’s when you do want to know so
3:05you put the search term in there you put the maximum price in there you hit the
3:10Add button here and because you like me while you’re there you’re going to hit
3:13this red heart that means you favorited the recipe and it’s all set that’s all
3:19you have to do i want to show you an example of an item i bought and what
3:22email looks like i just bought this yesterday I got the email 22 hours ago
3:29and this is selling for about $MONEY the cheapest one is sixty dollars on amazon
3:35and with Christmas coming up its the only for sellers the price is gonna go
3:39up not down so i’m going to try and get more than 60 but this is what the email
3:43looks like you get the title here so store believe a deal catcher the title
3:47of the item a picture a link with the title the price you see here it was a
3:53buy-it-now and just the way it’s set up it shows an auction price and the
3:56buy-it-now price another link also if you’re tired of getting the recipe
4:01emails or if you’ve already bought the item something you can use this link
4:05here to turn off or maybe change the price change with the search term is
4:09whatever you want to do so we click on that you’ll see it takes us over to ebay
4:16and you can see it was 2459 and free shipping so that was that I know that’s
4:22one like i said i actually did buy that item one that is still active it’s a
4:28current auction that is up right now
4:30another item that I got an email for yesterday to know the little doll
4:36complete guys can see this i forgot I’m not recording the entire screen so same
4:44here’s a link to this one and it’s $55 I can also show you this is the recipe for
4:55this style and you can see i use the UPC code here I keep pointing to the screen
5:00for getting you guys can see why . to on the maximum price i put 9999 I wouldn’t
5:05actually pay a hundred dollars for this I just want to be notified anytime
5:08because i thought i’ll put 9999 if it’s a buy-it-now with best offer
5:13it might be worth offering 75 or something like that but I was going to
5:20show you this on amazon and of course in 11 amazon tab open
5:34so here’s this little doll on amazon you see this for sellers cheapest one is 189
5:4399 to 1 99 99 so we’ll probably about two hundred dollars there’s not many
5:48people with it for sale and this person selling it for $55 buy-it-now 150 this
5:56is actually the second time this time has been listed the first time it did
5:59get bids but apparently the high bidder didn’t pay for the item because it’s
6:03being relisted the same price obviously i wouldn’t pay the 150 but $55 could be
6:09a good deal a bite in the ass is the $28 shipping which is ridiculous i’ve sold
6:14this before I know it’s a bigger size doll but it doesn’t cost twenty eight
6:18dollars two ships left kinda sucks but even a hundred dollars for yourself or
6:22two hundred dollars it’s not too bad probably be fifty dollar profit seventy
6:27dollar profit after fees so i just want to show you guys that are I think you
6:32can be really beneficial to find my website here I think it’d be really
6:37beneficial for anyone who’s looking to score some good deals on ebay its
6:41automated it saves you a lot of time there’s no limit to how many of these
6:45recipes you could create I mean you could just make a hundred of the things
6:49and sit back and wait for the emails are great for collectors or resellers really
6:55anyone who shops on ebay and has a specific product they’re looking for so
7:01and it’s completely free so that even you know sweetens the deal it’s not
7:05something you have to pay for so thanks for watching guys make sure to give the
7:09video a like you’re not already subscribed subscribe to the channel i do
7:12have another video regarding reselling and using IFTTT that i’m going to make
7:19shortly and get posted up here specifically for sellers on ebay i think
7:25it’d be really beneficial for you also so be on the lookout for that soon
7:29thanks guys

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