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How To Get FREE Harbor Freight Gift Cards

HFGiftCardI am really excited to tell you guys about this new opportunity! I am a big fan of a site called PrizeRebel. PrizeRebel allows you to complete simple tasks like watching videos, taking surveys or signing up for (free) websites and they pay you in the form of gift cards or cash through Paypal. Recently I had contacted their customer support about adding Harbor Freight as a gift card option. Well I woke up this morning to an e-mail from PrizeRebel confirming that they now have Harbor Freight gift cards available! YES!!!

Unfortunately Harbor Freight requested that PrizeRebel remove them as a redemption option. PrizeRebel still has over 200 other options such as Amazon, eBay, Wal-Mart, cash (via Paypal) and even Northern Tool which sells many items similar to that of Harbor Freight. If you are interested in more information on what happened check out the video below

I want to show you some super easy things you can do on PrizeRebel to start earning right away. First you will need to create an account which you can do HERE. After signing up the first thing I want you to do to show how easy it is to earn is CLICK HERE. On this page you watch 45 second videos and get paid 2 points for every 6 videos you watch. I usually let this run in the background anytime I am at my computer.

While that is running lets open up another window to play some more videos. CLICK HERE and when the page opens up click the green “Click Here” button. This will open a new window with a website or video playing. This offer is always different but you typically will watch a 1 minute video or have to view 5-10 websites to earn your points. You can do this over and over again.

Now I want to show you one more way to earn via watching videos and this may be the best because it is completely passive! I let this run all night long while I am asleep and wake up every morning to a ton of points! You will want to CLICK HERE then near the top of the page click the link “Adscend”. When the page is done loading look for any of the offers with “EngageMe.TV” in the title. Click the offer and make sure to open it in its own window and just let it run….FOREVER!

Besides videos another great way to earn on PrizeRebel is by doing surveys. The great thing about surveys is you are not only earning a few points at a time. You can earn 100+ points from a single survey! All of the offer walls (CLICK HERE) have surveys. Or you can find more surveys from PrizeRebel on THIS PAGE.

The above is a very basic overview of just some of the ways to earn on PrizeRebel. Several times a week they also release special codes that give you free points. To redeem any code you just click on the small ticket icon at the top of any PrizeRebel page. THIS SITE is a great resource for finding codes and other information on PrizeRebel.

Once you have earned enough points you can get your FREE Harbor Freight gift card HERE!

Happy earning! If you need any help or tips with more way to earn feel free to use our Contact Us page!