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How To Ship Really Small Items CHEAP!


Shipping prices over the last few years have dramatically increased. I remember the days when it was about $1.48 to ship a 3 ounce package via USPS First Class Mail. Today that same package is going to cost you roughly $2.70. For light weight items, especially the low profit / high volume stuff, this is a real killer. Most eBay sellers would probably just give up and stop selling that item. Well guess what? You don’t have to stop! In this post and the accompanying video I will show you how to ship your light weight eBay items with nothing more then a stamp and an envelope!

Here are some of the basics mentioned in the video.

  • When shipping small items using just stamps the maximum weight is 3.5 ounces
  • If any part of the envelope is thicker then one fourth of an inch you MUST write NON-MACHINABLE on the envelope. The non-machinable designation costs an additional 21 cents. Yes you can buy 21 cent stamps. (If you don’t want to write non-machinable every time you can also get a stamp like THIS ONE)
  • If the object inside the envelope is rigid (think a pen or pencil) then it is non-machinable
  • A regular 49 cent stamp covers up to 1 ounce. Each additional ounce will cost you 21 cents.

    There are a few more rules regarding mailing things in just an envelope with a stamp. If after reading the above post and watching the video you have more questions here are a few related links directly from the USPS website:

  • Standards for letters and non-machinables
  • Allowable dimensions
  • Postage rates

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