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mailboxOne of the most misunderstood aspects of shipping is Regional Rate boxes. USPS really caused all of this confusion there self by the ridiculous name they gave these boxes. People ask me about these boxes a lot and every one initially thinks that these boxes can only be shipped to places near them, or in their own theoretical region. The video below explains what these boxes are and how to use them.

Here are some key points regarding the regional boxes.

  • As of today only 2 sizes are available. Regional A (smaller) and Regional B (larger)
  • The Regional A boxes ship at roughly the 2 pound rate. The Regional B boxes ship at the 4 pound rate. This information is important to know when you are creating your eBay listings so that the eBay shipping calculator can give an accurate shipping rate.
  • When purchasing these labels on the website you need to click the calculated shipping option NOT the flat rate option. These boxes will be one of the options in the price list.
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