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Enter To Win Struggleville Loot Box #10!

Earn Additional Entries With Referrals!

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  • Past Winners!

  • 12/10/20 – Paul H. from Hawthorne, FL won Struggleville Lootbox #10
  • 9/28/20 – Donald E won our $50 Home Depot gift card giveaway!
  • 8/8/20 – Chris D from North Kingstown, RI won Struggleville Lootbox #9
  • 6/24/20 – Toby T from North Arlington, N.J., Jae P from Lucerne Valley, CA and John S from Melbourne, FL won Struggleville Lootbox #8 which was sponsored by WOWTAC!
  • 6/2/20 – MiscellaneousDave from Brooksville, FL won the post contest portion of Struggleville Lootbox #7 and Yukon of Indianapolis, IN won the random draw
  • 5/21/20 – John S. from Dumont, NJ won Struggleville Lootbox #6
  • 4/19/20 – Mya M. from West Orange, NJ won Struggleville Lootbox #5
  • 3/25/20 – Zach Z. from Corning, IA won Struggleville Lootbox #4
  • 3/3/20 – Scott H. from Pismo Beach, CA won Struggleville Lootbox #3
  • 2/16/20 – Greg K. from Bethlehem, PA won Struggleville Lootbox #2
  • 1/30/20 – Jordan G. from Spring, TX won Struggleville Lootbox #1

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    64 thoughts on “Enter To Win Struggleville Loot Box #10!

      1. PJ Post author

        The ones that play directly on this page credit after the video finishes. I can see people getting entries for them so as far as I can tell they are working.

    1. Ricky bobby

      Hello sir, ricky bobby here! Love the site and aprreciate the deals. I had seen the vid. Where you went shopping And Only bad thing is i reside in Tx and dont have a maynards anywhere close to me. In a way its ok, I would be like a woman in a shopping mall.

    2. Rob

      Why is that the Harbor Freight coupon search on Struggleville is still displaying coupons for 2019 and older?

      1. Daniel R.

        I could be wrong but I think that’s so prices can be tracked. I noticed that there was a coupon for something I was going to get but saw that the trend was that there was an even better one that usually comes out. I waited and sure enough they had the cheaper one.