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Madden Mobile – How To Complete All 32 MVP Sets!

huddlepackThe MVP sets are the best way to build your team so far this year on Madden Mobile. I was able to complete all 32 sets at one time for the purposes of the video below but most people aren’t going to do it like that. Your best option is to bid on gold players for 1000-2000 coins each (be prepared to lose a lot) and fill the gold players into the sets. As you get all 10 players needed for a set start turning in the gold players for the 10 trophy sets. Depending on how many coins you have you may have to sell most of the trophies so you can continue to buy gold players but save as many of the elite and gold trophies that you can for the MVP sets! As you complete the sets you can recoup some of your coins by selling the player the MVP is replacing.

Watch the video below to get more tips and to see me complete all 32 MVP sets and build up my team!

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