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Make BIG Money Selling Bowling Ball Bags On eBay!! 🎳 👍

In the video below we are talking all about selling bowling ball bags on eBay! Retro / Vintage bags can have great margins. Many times my thrift stores sell them from 99 cents up to 2.99 and as you will see in the video below they can sell for a decent price. Included below the video is a copy of the video transcript. This is automatically created so please excuse the typos and the fact that their is no punctuation. (All this technology and the computer can’t figure out where a comma or period should go?….Really?)

UPDATE: Between the time I made this video and wrote out this post I listed the bowling ball bags and one has already sold! You can check it out HERE. It was the Brown Brunswick bag. I was able to get $29.99 + shipping for the item!

hey guys welcome back to the Struggleville
youtube channel going to do a little ebay
video for you talking about vintage
retro bowling ball bags as you see I got five
of them here in front of you and I
picked them all up over this past
weekend which is kind of surprising I
don’t normally see this many of them but
they can be pretty good sellers they’re
a slow seller so it’s not something you
want to list at auction for like 99
cents or anything you want to ask a
little more for the price and list as
fixed price because you need to
understand who the buyer is for these
items the buyer is not just some random
Schmo looking for a bowling ball bag your
buyer is someone who’s looking for a
purple Brunswick with the chevron
pattern you know it’s a very specific
person looking for a specific bowling
bag that they want to have so that’s why
you’re not going to list it as an
auction because you’re not going to get as much
for it so a few things to consider when
you’re out looking at these bowling ball bags
is the brand is important so brands
you’re looking for are Brunswick, Don
Carter Lanes, AMF but you’re not going to
find too many but Brunswick and Don
Carter Lanes is really what you’re going
to be finding there’s one in the corner
Gladding or something I don’t even know
that brand but if it’s a cool design
i’ll still pick it up cuz we’ll give it
a shot especially when they’re really
cheap a lot of these i got for either 99
cents or a dollar ninety-nine another
thing is bowling balls can be expensive
it can be worth a lot of money but
they’re going to be heavy they’re going
to be they can be up to 16 pounds the
ball itself and most of them are going
to be worth nothing so if a bowling ball
is in the bag at the store I never
take the bowling ball I always just
take it out of the bag throw it off to
the side let them deal with it it’s not
something I would mess with but some of
them if you want to look up the brand
name that’s on the ball it could be
worth something so a couple things to
look at or to look for when picking out
these bowling ball bags is the condition
it is a
extremely important because like I said
it’s not a huge buyer market so you want
to have the best condition one available
of that specific bag so if there was
only three of these purple ones for sale
I want to have the best of the three and
i’m going to ask the most money for my
third one
and when you’re looking at the condition
you just wanna make sure it doesn’t have
any holes in it a lot of these little
scuffs will come out because this vinyl
is pretty good about cleaning up check
the zipper make sure the zipper
functions fully because that’s probably
the most common thing that will break on
these you might get ripped near the
handle so you want to keep an eye on
that and then on the inside there’s a
little basket that holds the ball you
can kind of see that wire basket in
there sometimes it’s plastic the wire
one don’t worry about it there’s
nothing going to be wrong with that the
plastic one they can be broken sometimes
and if it’s broken it makes it worth
less but if it’s plastic and
it’s fine it doesn’t really affect the
value but the plastic ones have a
tendency to get broken cuz you figure
someone’s been dropping a 16-pound ball
on this thing and eventually the plastic
gets weak and brittle and it just breaks
so another thing is the more vibrant
colors are going to be worth more this
tan one is probably not worth a whole
lot because it’s not a desirable color
but it is Brunswick and it’s in pretty
decent shape in the way of the zipper
working it’s got the metal basket so you
don’t have to worry about that being
broken and hopefully it will clean up
the few little marks that has on it this
purple one is going to be worth the most
of all the ones I have in front of you
because of the colors it’s a more rare one
harder to find i’m going to show you
guys towards the end of this video some
sold listings of bags to give you kind
of an idea of what some of them have
actually sold for so remember this bag
because one just like it will be in
those sold listings i said this brand i
don’t know a whole lot about but got a
really vibrant blue color oh forgot
purple one i think i said earlier but
that pattern that’s the way that stripe
is it’s a chevron pattern so you’ll
definitely want to use that as a keyword
so back to this one it’s got some nice
vibrant colors clean it up a little bit
and that blue just really stands out so
it makes it worth more because obviously
if you had a choice between this tan
looking thing and this blue one most
people want this one same thing at
this one kind of gray goes along with
some brown one the red one it’s older
than these others and the red with the
gold piping here makes it stand out a
little bit more vibrant looking
brunswick so that would be worth
probably more along the lines with the
pink orpurple or whatever the hell
color that one over there so now
let’s look at some sold listings and
we’ll talk about a few more things to
look for okay guys so I got the sold
listings up you can see my search
term was retro bowling ball bag whenever
creating your title for these I would
definitely include the word retro or
vintage or both if you can keywords are
going to be especially important if you
have an off brand because you’re going
to need to fill it with the colors or
the pattern or just other words that
will attract attention when you’re
selling a Brunswick it’s much easier
because anyone who’s ever bowled knows
what Brunswick is and they are very
likely to use that as a search term don
carter lanes is also very popular but if
you’re something that you don’t know the
brand if it’s not on there and there’s
no logo that you recognize or if it’s
just an off brand then your other
keywords are very important so i would
recommend going to my website
the menu here you know the
ebay title optimizer here you can see I
used retro bowling ball bag and you can
see all the different keywords that you
may be interested in using to help you
sell your item
so let’s look at these sold listings you
can see twenty dollars plus shipping for
a Brunswick but pretty plain just grey
and black a pretty neutral color so I
guess that’s good but it’s not super
desirable there’s a AMF and free
shipping here’s one with the chevron
pattern and it’s brown so yeah it’s not
the you know not the greatest what
plus shipping is pretty good especially
if you were able to pick this up for
like two or three dollars let’s get that
that’s not what we’re looking at here
another Brunswick with the chevron
pattern plus shipping actually I’ve
seen a lot of people do Brunswick and
don carter together i don’t know if they
were or at one I don’t also the same
company or whatever but I’ve seen people
unless they’re just keyword stuffing put
those together a lot another amf you see
if they have some different designs that
are more unique and that’s really what
you’re looking for is something that
stands out a little bit as a unique kind
of baby blue and white free
shipping but a Brunswick this
that’s actually one that I sold
plus shipping you see it’s the same
table I was just showing you earlier in
the video don carter lanes with the
chevron pattern $ well best offer
acceptance we don’t know exactly what it
was another kind of cool stripe design
somewhere in here I know there’s the
purple one you see this person sold it
with the ball and that was a bad idea
because obviously at fifteen dollars
nobody was paying more for that bowling
ball but looks a -pound ball so you
just added pounds to the shipping and
you got absolutely nothing for it you
probably would have got twice as much
for that bag if you didn’t include the
stupid ball even if you want to sell the
ball sell it separate from the bag it’s
not the same buyer just because this
person wants this bag doesn’t mean they
want this fall if you’ve never bowled
before one thing about the bowling balls
is their drilled for a specific
persons hand so if this person that
bought this the set here wanted to
actually use that ball it’s like a
ninety-nine percent chance they would
have those holes plugged and have it
read drilled for their own hand they
didn’t want the damn ball I’ll tell you
right now all he wanted was the stupid
bag and he could have got twice as much
if you didn’t include the ball another
AMS this is a hard case one I haven’t
sold any of the hard case once just
because it’s much more difficult to ship
I mean it’s just bulkier these bag one’s
kind of collapse down a little bit and
are really light the hard case one’s
gonna be a little heavier and I just I
saw one at a thrift store the other day
and didn’t pick it up because the hard
plastic was all scratched up pretty bad
on it and it didn’t look great but
something worth investigating are worth
looking up if you have it here if you
see that the store another one with the
ball got a dollar out of it so I mean so
I said you’re not going to get a ton of
traffic on bids you don’t really want to
do it that way dot and free
shipping plus shipping fees of the
exact same bag that I saw I sold and
it’s at the exact same price so another
person wasting their money putting the
ball in with it garbage we skip this one
amf obviously you can see AMS doing
really good with theirs they have really
neat I mean their logo is kind of cool
but they also have some really neat
striped patterns these are probably
older than these these these are more
s here in the AMS probably an older
bag here’s the exact same one I showed
you guys minds not in as good a
condition but it might clean up to that
condition and you can see they got
plus shipping on there so that’s a
really good deal there including shoes
apparently which I also would not do
that nobody wants your damn use bowling
shoes i mean i don’t know maybe there’s
a market for them but if i did sell them
i would sell it separate from the bag
because it’s two different buyers and
free shipping plus shipping so you
guys get the idea you don’t want to do
it as an auction
this was bad again that had to go
priority mail at the two or three pound
rate I guarantee you that person lost
money a hundred percent they lost money
selling that so that was really cool I
like that another chevron pattern sun’s
really playing I’m kind of surprised if
these little Brunswick logos right there
might add a little to it never seen that
that’s cool I would ask a lot more than
twenty dollars for that but you could
have gotten if you tried so yeah
there’s some really cool ones out there
another Chevron pretty basic only one
for five dollars looks kind like one
that I got that one you’re just
looking for the right buyer you know you
might have ended up sitting on it for a
while my gray i sold still pretty quick
last little Schlitz I’ve never seen that
one either anyway guys bowling ball bags
can be really good like I said they can
be slow seller so i wouldn’t pay like
ten dollars for a bag or anything but if
you need it for three or four boxes i
saw some of these I’ve got some for
cents so that was a really good deal so
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guys and be back shortly with another

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