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New Seller Tool! Struggleville eBay Title Optimizer!

The Struggleville eBay Title Optimizer is a title building tool designed to help sellers pick out the best keywords for the titles of items they are trying to sell. Having a great title with the perfect keywords is vitally important for every eBay seller. Great titles will help your item appear in all relevant searches and bring your item to the top of those search results.

To use the tool enter your keywords, model number, brand, UPC or ISBN into the Title Optimizer. The results will consist of 3 lists. Each list will contain keywords related to your item and a keyword score. The keyword score has a general range of 1-100 (although you will find some words that have a slightly higher score). The words with the highest score will appear at the top of each list. The higher the keyword score, the better. You want to fill your eBay title with as many of these high scoring keywords as possible! When building your title keep in mind that the keywords you select should be RELEVANT to your item! If you searched the term “Nike Golf” the tool may return values such as “hat” and “shirt”. Obviously, if you are selling a shirt you don’t want to keyword spam your title by adding an irrelevant word like hat. The other thing to keep in mind when building your titles is that you are not only trying to rank highly in eBay search results but you also want your titles to flow and be easily readable to humans…. not just computers (search engines).

As mentioned the results are in the form of 3 lists. The first list is titled “Most Successful Keywords” these are keywords our tool has determined gives your item the best chances to sell. Because the tool is only looking for the most successful keywords their are times when this column will show very few or ZERO results. This will typically happen for 1 of 2 reasons. First, their are not enough listings (between active, completed and sold) to determine any keyword to be more successful then any other. This is not necessarily bad, you could have a great item that people are interested in but their are just not many listings of the item on eBay. Second, if the tool finds that a large portion of the results are items that DID NOT sell then the tool will not suggest any keyword as being successful. This could suggest that your item is more long-tail (slow selling).

The second list is titled “Most Used Keywords”. This list is an aggregate of all listings including active, completed and sold. The tool parses all the titles among the results and displays which text strings appear most often. This list does not try to suggest whether a word would be successful or not within your title, only how many times it appears in relation to other words on the list.

The third list is titled “Most Competitive Keywords”. This list focuses solely on active listings. These are keywords that your current competitors are using on their listings. If the scores in this list are significantly lower then the scores of the other lists then that is a sign of less competition for this item. One particularly useful way to use this list is to compare it with the “Most Successful Keywords” list. You want to look for words that are on the successful list but are NOT on the competitive list. These keywords are the perfect mix of being successful yet not being used in many other active listings.

When performing searches, keep in mind that you can slightly guide the results by either being more specific or more vague. For example searching “Ralph Lauren” may be to vague of a search to get much valuable information on. However searching “Ralph Lauren Mens Polo Shirt” would be much more targeted and would result in more relevant results.

So what are you waiting for? Go check out the Struggleville eBay Title Optimizer!

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2 thoughts on “New Seller Tool! Struggleville eBay Title Optimizer!

  1. Bryan

    I live in Thailand and want to sell on eBay. Do you have a good article on eBay for dummies? Lol….Thanks. I love your you tube channel.

    1. pj Post author

      Glad to hear you enjoy the Youtube channel! You may be interested in my ebook. It focuses on selling clothes but also has a lot of tips that could be applied to selling anything on eBay. You can get it here, only 99 cents but if you want to wait a week or 2 I am planning on putting it on sale so you could get it for free then.