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Resellers, Board Games And Missing Pieces

Board games are one of the things I really enjoy selling.  When it comes down to it I am just a big kid and games like Stratego bring back great memories of my childhood.  Depending on the thrift stores in your area you may be able to buy board games at rock bottom prices.  The Goodwills’ in my area sell board games from 49 cents to 99 cents each.  Catch them on the color of the week and you are talking 25 cents to 50 cents.  In general you have to be careful what games you pick up but at $0.25-.99 their is not much risk involved.  Now for the bad news, half of the games you pick up will be missing pieces.  Currently I have 100+ board games that are missing pieces.  In the future I plan to do some blogging on what games to look for, what games to pick up and what games to pass on and I have already done a Youtube video on shipping board games.

For this blog I wanted to pass along a great idea by my friends at Thrift Core.  One thing that is almost never missing from a board game is THE BOARD.  Thrift Core presented a great idea on turning the game board into a wall shelf.  It is such a thrifty idea, it gives a new purpose to something that has lost its original purpose.  If you have board games with missing pieces or ever plan on getting into the board game selling business be sure to check out – MODify:  Make Your Own Easy Game Board Shelves


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