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Sell What You Are Passionate About

You can sell just about anything online.  There are very few rules on what you can’t sell but just because you can sell it does that mean you should?  Its important to be passionate about what you are selling.  To sell things you get personal enjoyment from, things that you see value in and that you are passionate about.  I sell all sorts of things because they are profitable.  The money is great but the problem is… I am not passionate about these items, they are not fun they are strictly work.  I like having my own business because it allows me to make money doing something I really enjoy but some items make me want to go punch a time clock.

Over the last few months I have gotten heavily into selling books, I probably have about 700 books for sale and more just waiting to be listed.  Am I passionate about books?  Not really.  Sure I like to read from time to time and would do more of it if time permitted but books don’t excite me.  I do however like the thrill of the hunt when it comes to books.  The thing about books is you truly can’t judge one by its cover.  A book may look great, have great graphics and a catchy title and then you scan it and its not worth a dime.  Other times a book can be very plain or about a topic you would think no one would care about and its worth hundreds of dollars.  The books don’t blow my hair back but the thrill of the hunt does.

Another item I have been selling for almost a year now is men’s clothing.  The great thing about men’s clothing is that it is available just about anywhere and in my area it is fairly cheap.  The supply is plentiful and at a profitable price.  I have a system set to list, sell, and package the items quickly.  The profit margin is usually quite good, especially when considering the amount of time involved.  Sounds like a great type of item to sell right?  Wrong.  For me anyway.  The problem is I am not passionate about clothing.  Anyone who watches my Youtube channel would know that on most days I can be found in a t-shirt with the sleeves cut off.  And although I have sold hundreds of them I wouldn’t wear a Ralph Lauren shirt if you paid me.  Clothing makes me money but is about as fun as punching a time clock.

So what type of items am I passionate about?  What type of items make work fun for me?  Vintage items.  Collectibles.  Antiques.  Especially items that can be useful today.  I am not as interested in display pieces, I want vintage household items that can still be used today or can be made into something that could serve a purpose in the home today.  One of my favorite items was a vintage counter top electric ice crusher (see it in action).  I still get a little angry with myself over selling that item, it was so cool, if I ever find another its mine!  Another item that I loved (and have 2 more to sell) was a beehive style hairdryer.  I convert these into floor lamps and love how an item that may no longer serve its original purpose can still be a usable item in your home (see the beehive floor lamp).  These are examples of the items that I love to sell.  The items that I am passionate about.  The items I am going to make an effort to find more of.  To give a second life to.

Your business should be more to you than just a job.  Than just something you do to make money.  It should be fun, it should be something you do because you love it.  If you love what you sell than that will show in everything you do from finding the item, taking the pictures and writing the description to shipping the item off to its new owner.  Don’t let your business become a job.  As they say, “Do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life”.

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