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Sort Active eBay Listings By Views

Recently eBay forced my account over to the new eBay Seller Hub. I had been blissfully skipping along under the old template and was doing just fine. The new Hub is OK as I figure it out and tool around but one thing I noticed was that you can no longer sort your active listings by the number of views they have received. You can still sort by the number of watchers but not views. On occasion I like to sort by views so that I can judge the popularity of an item. Maybe it is getting a lot of traffic but is not selling, it makes me take another look at the listing to see why the item is not selling. Maybe I need to change the pictures or information in the description. Maybe I should change to free shipping or change from free to charging shipping. Or maybe I just need to lower the price.

eBay removing the ability to sort by views is kind of a pain for me so after doing a little digging around I was able to find away to restore this ability. Because eBay loves to make even the easiest tasks excessively difficult here is a direct link to sorting eBay items by views,

Thats quite a hefty link isn’t it? I just bookmarked it to make things easy. I was only able to test this link out on my own account but I do believe it will work for everybody. Please let me know in the comments section below or feel free to use our “Contact Us” page.

If the above link is not formatting correctly for you here are instructions for getting to this screen if you have the new seller hub.

  1. Go to your Seller Hub Overview page (or CLICK HERE)
  2. Within that page find a box labeled “Selling Tools”
  3. Within Selling Tools click the link, “View My eBay Selling”
  4. Under the “Active Selling” headline click “Views / Watchers”
  5. Now look at the URL at the top of your browser. You will be looking for this “SubmitAction.SortDescend=x” this is what you want. If what you have is “SubmitAction.SortAscend=x” then it will need to be changed. In short you want the end of that string to have the word DESCEND and NOT the word ASCEND.
  6. Still looking at the URL find a portion that says “Column=Watchers”. You want to change that to read “Column=Views”.

    If you have an easier way of doing this I am all ears but this was the only way I could get it to work.


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