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All updates to this little saga will be added to the bottom of this post

Recently Little Mikey, GlobalVoodoo went on a tirade during a live show. What was Little Mikey ranting and raving about? He was complaining about all the liars and thieves within the Youtube resale community. But what I really think this is all about is his own insecurities his own feelings of being inadequate.

Want to watch Little Mikey’s full video? You can catch it here – (until he deletes it….SHOCKER! Little Mikey deleted the video!)

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Update 5/3/2017

Do you want to know what WINNING is? Winning is when someone is so infatuated with a video that you make that they are willing to take money out of their pockets and give it to someone else to put a bunch of dislikes on your video. Now I am not saying Little Mikey (the tallest midget) is the one who did this. Yes Little Mikey complains about people doing it to his videos so he apparently has some experience with it (wouldn’t it be funny if Little Mikey bought dislikes on his own videos just so he could play the victim?). And yes, Little Mikey is likely the only person who would care enough about the video and is childish enough to do such a thing. But he would never take credit for doing such a thing so I won’t be able to THANK him. Yes, THANK him. You see, whether it is a thumbs down or a thumbs up it all counts as user engagement and user engagement will drive more traffic to a video. So whoever it was, thanks!

You should know by now that I am not just all bluster and hot air like some others. So lets looks at a little bit of proof that dislikes were bought on the above video. On April 29th the video received 233 views and 18 dislikes. On April 30th the video received 154 views and 6 dislikes. But on May 1st the video received 133 views and 154 dislikes. Take a look at the 3 screen shots below.

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  1. John Doe

    Mikes youtube viewers are fucking cancer, most arent even resellers and don’t even understand most problems people have with him. I just had to unsubscribe and i regret the day i ever even watched my first video of his.

  2. Anonymous

    It was proven years ago that many of his subs are bought. Possibly thru fiver. The statistics showed it when he gained about 5000 subs overnight. And yes, his m.o. has always been to befriend fellow ebayers and then tear them down either publicly or in private. I stopped watching when I literally watched someonw get banned from eBay for following his advice about drop shipping iPhones. Literally watched the guy screw people for thousands. Box of profit? More like box of bullshit. Gap toothed douchebag.

  3. Anonymous

    Anyone notice how Mike switched over to announcing his ROI instead of his profits because he got tired of people pointing out that all of his “wheels, deals, and steals” equaled out to pocket change for days worth of sales? Did you get that Kim?

  4. Anonymous

    I first became aware of him 5-6 years ago not thru his videos but he from his comments on other pickers videos. He was a big time ebay hater and always had something nasty to say about ebay. Looked like he was the last person to be selling on ebay it was a surprise to learn he was selling there, I thought he’d even been kicked off.Don’t understand why after 20 years of reselling he’s not netting 6 figures,

  5. Anonymous

    Listening to your video of Global PooPoo – just a heads up that his wife is an AIDE, not an actual teacher. Which makes their income even less!

  6. Anonymous

    Hey PJ I thought you might find it humorous to know that Mike Franco’s Pal Steve is selling BDSM / Bondage whips and chains on ebay.

    Also in Mike’s latest videos he bought some books for himself, “The Joys of Sex” and “Male Sexual Inadequacy” My god these guys are fucked up.

    Take care brother.

  7. Anonymous

    Thank you for posting that video about “globalvoodoo” aka Mike. A lot of people don’t know about how mean-spirited this guy is. He comes off as a super nice dude, then will talk tons of shit about other resellers. I was done with the guy when he started talking shit on “scavenger life”. Saying all their stats are fake and other garbage.

    Anyway I found his ebay store. Mike was very sneaky about hiding this because in the past some people were out to get him (so he says, but i’m sure he has lots of enemies by now). I did hear his old website got DDOS’d but I’m not sure. His ebay store is “bunkai1946”. I found this by looking at completed listings on google, Mike would only talk about completed listings when they would clear out of ebay’s system, but they stayed on google search results. Take Care.