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Tools of the Trade – Scotty Peeler Label & Sticker Remover

scottypeelersI remember stumbling on Scotty Peelers while watching videos on Youtube one day a few years ago and I am so glad I found these little guys.  A Scotty Peeler is a small plastic tool the has a mildly sharp edge which allows you to get underneath all sorts of labels and stickers.  It makes the removal of these items incredibly easier.  I mostly use these for the Amazon portion of my business to take of price stickers on new items and bringing them with me when scanning items so that I can remove anything blocking a barcode.  But eBay sellers will also find these useful for their used items.  Many times I have bought vintage or collectible items and somewhere along the way an owner has added stickers to the item.  This is a really inexpensive tool that every seller should own.

Back when I originally bought  my Scotty Peelers their was only 1 listing for them on Amazon.  It was 4 total peelers, 3 plastic and 1 metal.  I don’t really recommend the metal one.  Almost every time I use it I ended up damaging whatever is below the sticker.  It is not flexible like the plastic ones and in my opinion the edge is much too sharp for its purpose.

For additional help with removing stickers I would recommend using a heat gun or hair dryer and a combination of Goo Gone and rubbing alcohol to clean up what is left on your item.

Below is a Youtube tutorial on how to use Scotty Peelers.

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