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What To Sell On eBay? A/C Adapters!

Most eBay sellers are always looking for new items to sell. They want to expand their knowledge portfolio, find that next niche item. One item that I have found many people over look but are very profitable are A/C adapters! In case anyone is lost on this one, A/C adapters are the cables that connect your electronic device to the wall outlet. The “power cord” will either run or charge your electronic device.

A/C adapters are the perfect item to sell because they are available all over the place, they are cheap, they will usually ship first class mail and they are really easy to test. Take a second and check out the sold eBay listings for A/c Adapters.

Notice the A/C adapters that sell are ones that connect to things like electric razors, laptops, printers, surround sounds, electric toothbrushes, cordless phones. Anything in your house that has a removable cord that plugs into the wall will be lost by someone and that person will be needing a replacement. When I buy these I try to buy them in big lots. It is very common to see boxes full of these adapters at garage and estate sales. If they are priced individually offer the seller a price for the entire box they are usually eager to get rid of them. You want to stay under $1 for most of these adapters.

Take a few minutes to watch the video below. In the video I show you a few of the adapters I have for sale and show you how to test them to make sure they work!

The tool used to test the A/C adapters is just a simple multimeter. The cheap one I use in the video was under $10, you can get one on Amazon with THIS LINK.

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