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Overkill jack stands - Yukon - 06-14-2020

(This was mildly touched on in the HF recall thread.)

Lately, I have been working on cars and trucks a lot since I’m recovered from 3 different surgeries. I recently had to lift my daughter’s Honda Pilot off all four tires. While my ratchet stands proved adequate I did notice they seemed under strain and tilted slightly during the lifting process. I have to replace the whole front end on my truck soon, so...

I know these are overkill, but I’m gettin too damn old to react fast enough if something starts giving way.

I’m wondering if any of you have made the switch back to pin style stands. These ain’t cheap, but I’m gonna get them or a very similar set based on height ranges.

[Image: 15k0Mi5.jpg]

RE: Overkill jack stands - PJ - 06-14-2020

Wow those are some jack stands. I am guessing the 22 ton capacity is what inflates the price.

I am still using the ratchet style jack stands but after reading the recall I am being a bit more careful with them. Had the Caprice jacked up just today and lowered the car onto the stand, left the jack in place and just below touching the frame and slid the tire under the car.

It actually wasn't as much the recall as it was watching the video of the guy showing his failing. Thats troubling.

I agree these are over kill for 99% of people though lol. Maybe just 10 ton?

RE: Overkill jack stands - Yukon - 06-14-2020

Bah! Go big or stay home!

They do have a 7 ton version I was looking at, but these could come in handy for the coming apocalypse.