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Thanks Struggleville - Yukon - 06-20-2020

I know you do the Struggleville stuff as part of your income, but I wanted to say thanks for your efforts, anyhow. You have led me to some good deals over the past year+ that I would’ve missed due to being too busy/lazy. 

Now, if you can just get me a decent deal on more Grey Pneumatic stuff that’d be AMAZING.

RE: Thanks Struggleville - PJ - 06-21-2020

Thanks bud, glad you have been able to snag some deals. I was googling Grey Pneumatic and saw this Amazon page. I have never seen a brand page like this before on Amazon.... now I need to find it for other brands too. Seems pretty cool -

RE: Thanks Struggleville - Yukon - 06-21-2020

Link not working for me.

Check that. Works on my phone, not on tablet. Maybe you have to be logged in to Amazon, which my phone usually is.

RE: Thanks Struggleville - Yukon - 06-21-2020

So far, I have found the best prices for GP stuff on Tooltopia and National Tool Warehouse. I’m sure there’s some more obscure place I’m missing.