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How To Post New Deals - READ THIS - PJ - 05-19-2020

This forum is for "On Topic Deals".  Deals are considered "on topic" if the item is related to tools, automotive, home improvement, sports, outdoors or tech.  If you have a deal that doesn't fall into any of those categories please post it in the "Off Topic Deals" forum.

When posting a new deal be sure to include in the title the retailer or website that has the deal, what the item is and the expiration date if it is known.

Ex: Home Depot: Dewalt 36 Tool Combo Kit DCB204-2 - $1 (Expires 1/1/21)

If your deal is available in-store only and the deal is subject to a person's local store having the item in stock please add YMMV to the beginning or end of the title. (YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary)

I will occasionally pull a post from the forum to repost on the main feed of the site.  Whenever I do this I will give credit to the original poster via a shout out and link at the top of the deal post.  The link will be directed to your profile page here so be sure to fill it out!  The profile has a section where you can add your social media accounts and a link to a website.

Every thread on this forum can be rated via the stars in the upper right corner.  Be sure to rate the deals so everyone knows which are the best!

Also, on the left side of each individual post is a little heart.  You can click the heart to add "reputation" points to the poster.  If you like the deal give them a point so they know its appreciated!