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Scammer E-mails - PJ - 07-20-2020

I get these things pretty regularly.  Some of them are at least a bit convincing others are pretty close to the Nigerian Prince ruse.  Here is one I received today:


With all due respect, I am looking to work with you to engage in profit oriented ventures in your country and perhaps with your assistance, we could get good ROI (Return on Investment). I served as Personal Assistant to former Minister of Energy; Jeff Radebe during his short reign. Also I am in charge of signing the Bank Drafts deposited in the Banks for Contract settlement. It is with a good spirit of heart I open up this great opportunity to you.

I contacted you to stand as the partner/Contractor abroad; who can accommodate 70M USD for Investments. The sums are over invoice derived from a Supply Contract carried out by a foreign company with the South African Department of Energy during the short reign of Minister Jeff Radebe who resigned as South Africa Energy Minister on 10th of June, 2019. I am very sensitive and confident to ask for your partnership in re-profiling this fund.

I will reassign the necessary documents to reflect your name and also ensure payment is done to you by the Department of Energy under the auspices of the South African Government. I guarantee we shall implement this transaction under a legitimate arrangement without breaking the law.

(1) 45% for you as the foreign partner
(2) 45% for me
(3) 10% will set aside to defray all incidental expenses both locally and internationally by me and you during the course of this transaction.

More details will follow upon your reply.


Patrick Jabulani.

The return address on it is (Notice the name on the e-mail address is spelled differently, lol)