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Ridgid cordless vac - MiscellaneousDave - 10-06-2020

First and foremost, I apologize that I have been MIA.  To say I have been busy would be a severely gross understatement.  I need to get back here regularly soon.

So this deal is REALLY good.  I have been waiting for a deal on this vac for some time, and FINALLY...  The waiting paid off.

Ridgid 18v Cordless Vac - $69.99 (~1/3 off!!!!!!)

There is a small catch.  You need to change your zip code to 91351.  You can change your zip code in a few places, but the one that I found which WORKS is the one on the TOP LEFT of the page.  If you change your store there to the zip 91351, pick the first store and have it shipped to your home (FREE!).

RE: Ridgid cordless vac - PJ - 10-08-2020

Hey bud, thanks for the heads up on this deal. I noticed my zip code, 61108 also comes up with the discounted price. Just got the deal posted!