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comments - Scott Parat - 10-11-2020

whats up more comments on

I've got lots of good deals that I'm thankful for but when things look like they are off or the chinese seller is screwing us I'll take the time to post

Like 2 deals, 2" sander and sanding flapper disks ......I got to them within 12 hrs and both deals were gone, description said good to 10/18 ......I just hate wasting my time looking for the deal and then trying to apply the discount code only to be told not valid.

I know, no guarantee on how long a deal lasts. I know, no crying in my beer and kicking the dog. .....but its happening more and more and I'm beginning to working if it was ever a deal in the first place. Fuckin chinese are out to screw us, steal our money, our land and country and just plain stick us in the ass .....I'm about done with these pricks. 2 good things I could have used good for a week and it doesn't last 12 hrs .....they must just think we are stupid!

I'm going out of my way to buy American ....they can keep their garbage!


Its been 24 hrs or so since I wrote this .... Sorry for the rant, I almost never post anything or write anything online when I'm pissed because I usually make an ass out of myself.

Please delete if necessary. I feel like deleteing myself. However it would be really nice to see the comments turned back on in the main wordpress site, I do appreciate your efforts and I have purchased quite a bit because of you. I will make an effort to comment on what is good along with bad stuff.

Last night I was in a very foul mood, Amazon screwed my by requesting me to return an item after they told me it wasn't necessary and they said I would have to pay the full price 40 bucks instead of the discounted price 11 bucks .....but I already tossed it and I almost never return anything. Then the dicount codes on 2 items I really wanted didn't work and that really frosted me ......24 hours had not gone by. I had taken all my meds before getting ready to call it a night so I was probably on extra edge .....who knows what that crap does to you.

Anyway, I acted like a jerk and I apologize for that so dump the post if you need to.

Thanks again


RE: comments - PJ - 10-12-2020

My guess is some sellers are looking to sell a certain number of products and the expiration dates don't really mean anything. They may have a goal to sell 50 products and that may take 2 hours or 2 weeks. Obviously in this case it was a popular deal so it didn't last very long. In the instance of the flap discs 96 sold through the website before the code was killed.