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Woot: SKIL tool combos - Code Butcher - 12-25-2020

A couple weeks ago there was a post for the 12V Drill and Impact Driver combo for $99.99.  I found a better deal on Woot by Amazon.
I was able to get a free Level and save $5.  They also have another combo with a Oscillating Multitool and BT Speaker for $99.99, with an extra battery.   But I didn't need the Multitool nor the Speaker.  The impact Driver is only $29.99.  I've checked the prices on Amazon and they are higher.

RE: Woot: SKIL tool combos - Code Butcher - 12-31-2020

This deal is still better at Woot, than the current one posted in Amazon.You get a free Skill Digital Level for $5 more. Get it while it lasts. Also the 4.0Ah battery on Amazon is the best deal at $42.99, Elsewhere it's 45.99.

RE: Woot: SKIL tool combos - PJ - 01-02-2021

The Skil cordless stuff is pretty good. I am surprised its not more popular. Skil is a pretty well known brand, hopefully they expand the lineup.

RE: Woot: SKIL tool combos - Code Butcher - 01-02-2021

I was watching the price on the $64 combo, and it slowly climbed. I check again today and it's down to $60. Woot has sold out of the Skil impact driver.
I agree SKIL is highly underrated mainly because it's 12V. But it's made by Chervon, which acquired SKIL from Bosch in 2017. I don't mind using a 12V tool, I have a couple Makita Max 12V and they are still going strong, though eventually I won't be able to find batteries for them.

RE: Woot: SKIL tool combos - Code Butcher - 01-08-2021

The deal for just the Drill and Level with battery and charger just came back to WOOT for less, $54.99. They even gave me a a $10 refund since it's at a lower price now. It won't last long.

RE: Woot: SKIL tool combos - PJ - 01-08-2021

Here is a link to that 2-tool combo for $54.99 -

And the drill by itself for $29.99 -