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Today's Free Sawzall from Lowes - Scott Parat - 05-21-2021

Not sure if this should be posted here. If not, please delete.

great deal today from lowes, buy cordless dewalt sander and get free sawzall.....supposed to be $99

here's the catch. no lowes around chicago area has the sander in store so they charge a $64 dollar shipping/delivery fee. there is no charge for the free sawzall.

So yoou are paying 100 buck for the sander plus $66 for delivery.

I've never purchased much from Lowes, probably never will .....what a bunch of scumbags.

Thanks for trying though PJ. Could of been an awesome deal.

RE: Today's Free Sawzall from Lowes - PJ - 05-23-2021

That sucks, I hate the trucking fee Lowe's charges. Only online retailer I can think of that will show shipping as being available and then you see that trucking charge. I usually check that before posting so I think at one time they had both in stock for free shipping but now I don't remember.

RE: Today's Free Sawzall from Lowes - Brandon - 06-15-2021

Scott, does the saw automatically get refunded @ checkout, or is there another step to the rebate?